Press Release

 Jordan BROADWORTH                        Terra Incognita           August 10 - August 28, 2016

Jean-Luc and Takako Richard are pleased to present “Terra Incognita” a solo exhibition by New York based artist Jordan Broadworth. This is his first solo exhibition in our new location on the Lower East Side. Born in Ontario, Canada in 1968 Broadworth has lived in New York City since 2008.  His paintings convey the density, saturation and energy that one can only experience when living and working in New York City.

 At First glance Broadworth’s work can throw a viewer slightly off balance.  With sustained viewing his juxtaposition of pattern and texture, play with figure/ground and pairing-off of gesture and structure clicks into a kind of charged harmony.  He constructs his paintings with a tight pixel-like grid. The grid accompanied by a screen-like smoothness and back-lit glow positions the work within a our time of digital distraction. These works are created working “wet into wet” within tight parameters of production that include working blind, opening the work to spontaneity and chance.  The work in “Terra Incognita” is a departure for Broadworth who for the past decade has been focused on gesture. Broadworth’s grids have begun to function like an urban spider’s web catching sticks, leaves, along with clusters of painterly knots. These paintings bring the viewer to richer and more fluid metaphors for our globalized, information saturated, turbulent world. 

Broadworth's work is in numerous public and corporate collections including The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, McKee Nelson LLP, New York, The TD Bank and the Bank of Montreal.