Joseph Nechvatal


1951      Born in Chicago, Illinois
               Lives and works in Paris and in New York


1974          B.F.A. Southern Illinois University
1974-75    M.F.A. Studio Work Cornell University
1977-78    M.Phil Work in Philosophy Columbia University
1999          Ph.D. in the Philosophy of Art at the Centre for Advanced Inquiry in the Interactive Arts (CAIIA), University of Wales,
                   Newport, Wales, U.K.
1999          Professor  at The School of Visual Arts, NYC
2003          Professor at The Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, N.J.

Solo exhibitions (selection)

2017 Joseph Nechvatal, Galerie Richard, New York, NY

2016       Computer Virus 1.0 and The Return of Lazarus, Galerie Richard, New York City
2014       prOtOcOls nOn, Galerie Richard, Paris
                From Photography to Post-Photography, Galerie Omnius, Arles, France 
2012       nOise anusmOs, Galerie Richard, New York, NY 
2011       Viral Venture large screen projection, Beatrice Theatre, School of Visual Arts, New York City
2010       art rétinal revisité: histoire de l`Oeil, Galerie Richard, Paris
                vOglia, Claudio Bottello Galerie, Torino, Italy
                Viral Venture, École Supérieure d'AudioVisuel, Université de Toulouse le Mirail, Toulouse
2009       terra incOgnitO, WM Turner Gallery, Atlanta, GA
2008       Joseph Nechvatal: Recent Paintings, Galerie Richard, Paris
2006       The Butler Institute of American Art’s Beecher Center, Youngstown, OH
                Metaphysics and the Virtual, Roger Smith Lab Gallery, New York, NY
2005       Contaminations, Le Château de Linardié, Senouillac, France
                Translaocation of the Virtual Reality, Galerie In Situ, Aalst, Belgium
                Ex-naturae, la Chapelle des Templiers, Metz, France
2004       Aventures Virales, Galerie Mabel Semmler, Paris
                Real Time, Univ
ersal Concepts Unlimited Gallery, New York, NY
                After Virus, Galerie RLBQ, Marseille, France
                Viral Counter-Attack, Espace Landowski, Paris
                After Attack, Heart Galerie, Paris (with Music2eye)   
2002       vOluptuary, an algorithic Hermaphornology, Universal Concepts Unlimited Gallery, New York, NY
2001       Compliant 2.0 Libidinal Bodies in the Bit-stream (Enhanced Corpus Rotundum), Julia Friedman Gallery, Chicago, IL
                Transformers (with  Virus Projects 1.0 & 2.0), Moving Image Gallery, NY
                SilicOn valley : nunciative mOdality and a viral redux, Galerie Karin Sachs, Munich 
2000       es-satyricOn 2000, Universal Concepts Unlimited Gallery, NY
1999       Viral Beauty, Boston Cyber Arts, Boston  
1997       Das Neural Netz, Galerie Karin Sachs, Munich
1996       Joseph Nechvatal Retrospective, Galerie Berndt, Köln
                Joseph Nechvatal & Steve Miller, Parsons Gallery, Paris
1995, Galerie In Situ, Aalst, Belgium
                Les Archons, Galerie Multimedia, Paris
                Angels, Broken Hearts and Computer Viruses, Galerie Karin Sachs, Munich
1994       Computer Virus Project, Espace d'Art Yvonamor Palix, Paris
                Computer Virus Proje
ct, Galerie In Situ, Aalst, Belgium
                Information Bruit Culture, Galerie Traje, Besancan, France
1993       Computer Virus Project, The Saline Royale, Arc-et-Senans, France
                The Destiny of Painting, Galerie Karin Sachs, Munich
1992       Joseph Nechvatal, Galerie Antoine Candau, Paris  
                Tombeaux, Brooke Alexander, New York, NY
1991       Joseph Nechvatal, Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Santa Monica, CA  
1990       Musée des Beaux Arts, Dôle, France
                Brooke Alexander, New York, NY
                Galerie Karin Sachs, Munich
                Galerie Antoine Candau, Paris
1989       Gallery Fahl, Stockholm, Sweden
                Anders Tornberg Gallery, Lund, Sweden
                Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
1988       Joseph Nechvatal Computer-Robotic Paintings: 1986-1987, Illinois State University, Normal, IL
                De Selby Gallery, Amsterdam
                Galerie Antoine Candau, Paris
1987       Brooke Alexander, New York, NY
                Neuer Aachener Kunstverein, Aachen, Germany
                Gallery Engstrom, Stockholm, Sweden
1986       Joseph Nechvatal: Photographs,Greathouse, New York, NY
                Anna Friebe Galerie, Köln Germany
                Vanquard Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
1985       Brooke Alexander, New York, NY
                Anders Tornberg Gallery, Lund, Sweden
                XS: An Installation, Gray Art Gallery, East Carolina Univerity, Greenville, NC
1984       Brooke Alexander, New York, NY
                Joseph Nechvatal: Grace Under Pressure, Gallery Nature Morte, New York, NY
1983       Joseph Nechvatal, Brooke Alexander, New York, NY
                Joseph Nechvatal, Semaphore Gallery, New York, NY
                Joseph Nechvatal, Spiritual America, New York, NY
1982       Joseph Nechvatal: The Occult Power of Technology: Part II, The Kitchen, New York, NY
1981       The Occult Power of Technology: Part I, P.S. #1, Long Island City, NY
                Joseph Nechvatal, Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT

Group exhibitions (selection)
2017       Digital Painting - Part 1, Galerie Richard – New York, NY
2016        A More Store, Printed Matter, Inc., New York, NY, Etats-Unis

           Battambang International Digital Arts Festival, Zan-A-Key Art Space, Battambang, Cambodia 


2015       Art Film Festival Asolo XXXIV Edizione, Asolo, Italy, Viral Venturescreened November 4th


2014       25 years, Galerie Richard, Paris
2013       It's New / It's Now: Recent Gifts of Contemporary Prints and Drawings, Minneapolis Institute of Art,
                Minneapolis, MN
                Show Off, Espace Pierre Cardin, Paris, France
                Machinarium, Hi Future Ipanema, Brazil
2012       One Year in New York, Galerie Richard, New York City
                Desperately Seeking Susan, Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts, New York, NY
      Pulse New York, Galerie Richard, New York City
2011       A Show about Colab (and Related Activities) Printed Matter, New York, NY
                Art, Access & Decay: New York 1975-1985, Subliminal Projects, Los Angeles
                Looking at Music 3.0, (Tellus) MOMA, New York, NY
                Art Protects, Galerie Yvon Lambert, Paris, France
                Pixxelpoint, Nova Gorica, Slovenia
                Papay Gyro Nights 2011 Art Festival, Tredall, Papay Westray, Papay, Orkney 
                Faculty Selects, Fine Arts Gallery, Westchester Community College, Valhalla, NY
2010       Parallel Threads, School of Visual Arts Gallery, New York, NY
                Electronic work in the Collection Frank Popper, Centre d'Art Contemporain Frank Popper, Marcigny, France
                Sunday's Screening #2, Galerie Magda Danysz, Beijing
                Piano Eye (with Christophe Avella-Bagur and  Stefan Hoenerloh), Galerie Richard, Paris
2009       Maniac, Artspace Hartford, Hartford, CT
                Art Protects, Galerie Yvon Lambert, Paris, France
                Colab Show, 100 Church Street, New York, NY
                Best of Digital Art, Digital Art Museum, Berlin
             Redux, Wm Turner Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia, USA    
2008       Beaux Arts: French Contemporary, Wm Turner Gallery, Atlanta, GA
                Colab Reduxe, Brooke Alexander Gallery, New York, NY
                After The Net, Observatori, Valencia, Spain
                ECAM 2008, The National Center for the Arts, Mexico City, Mexico
                Continuous Current, Westside Gallery, New York, NY
2007       The End(s) of Photography: Modeling the Photographic, McDonough Museum of Art, Youngstown, OH
                Insatiable Streams, Beijing BS1 Contemporary Art Center, Caochangdi, China
                iea: Ten Years of The Institute for Electronic Arts, BS1 Contemporary Art Center and Zero FieldArt Center, Beijing
                Sound Art in a Limo, in coopération with Armory Art Fair, New York, NY
                AIDES, Yvon Lambert, Paris
2006       The Downtown Show : The New York Art Scene 1974-1984, Grey Art Gallery. New York, NY
                Reshuffle, Center for Curatorial Studies Bard College, New York, NY
                The Downtown Show : The New York Art Scene 1974-1984, Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh, PA
                The Downtown Show : The New York Art Scene 1974-1984, Austin Museum of Art, Austin, TX
t Echo, 2 X 13 Gallery, New York, NY
                Computer Fine Art Collection of Doron Golan, Ausstellungsräume des Digital Art Museum, Berlin
                Numeripop, Viral Counter Attack (with music2eye) St Brieuc, France
                Re:connect, Institute for Electronic Arts, Alfred, New York, NY
2005       ElectroScape, Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai
                6eme carrefour de l'image de l'Océan Indien, Le Port. Ile de la Réunion
                Vintage East Village, Hal Bromm Gallery, New York, NY
2004       Digital Sublime : Gwangju Biennale, MOCA, Taipei
     Reprotech, New York Academy of Science, New York, NY
             Image-Mouvement, Metz France (with music2eye)    
                Hyper-Runt: Anxiety and Malformation in the Techno Womb, Inliquid, Philadelphia, PA
                Art In Motion, University of Southern California School of Fine Arts, LA
                Touch and Temperature, Bitforms Gallery, New York, NY
                trans>, Participant Inc, New York, NY
                Viral Counter Attack, Art Metz. Foire Européenne d'Art Contemporain, Metz, France    
                Digital Stories, [DAM] Ausstellungsräume des Digital Art Museum, Berlin
                East Village USA, New Museum, New York, NY
                Touch and Temperature, Deborah Colton Gallery, Houston, TX
Viral Counter Attack, Résidence à la Gaîté lyrique. Paris. France
             Viral Counter Attack, Galerie RLBQ. Festival RIAM01, Marseille, France
2003       Synthetic Lightings: Complex Simulations of Nature, Center for Photography, Woodstock, NY
                Notebook Artscape, Pinkard Gallery, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, PA
                The Spiritual In Digital Art, Evergreen Cultural Centre, Coquitlam, Canada
                Open For Action, The Center For Book Arts, New York, NY
                FuturNET, Rome 
                Peam2003, Pescara, Italy  
2002       Post-Flesh, University Gallery, California State University, Sacramento, CA
                media_city seoul 2002, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, South Korea
                Ornamente  : 3 Positions of Conceptual Art, Galerie Berndt, Köln
                Night Vision, Illinois State University, Normal, IL
                Reality Revisited, In Situ, Aalst, Belgium 
                Reality Revisited, Galerie Martin Kudlek, Köln
             Contaminaction, Jeune Creation, Paris
                Night Vision, White Columns, New York, NY
                Split Festival, Split, Croatia
                info@blah :: mining the data glut, iKatun, Boston
2001       Cin-o-matic: Memory and Cinematic Perception, The New Museum, New York,  NY
                LE PROJET VIRUS 2001, Mains D’Oeuvres, Paris
                The Collector, Universal Concepts Unlimited Gallery, New York, NY
                1.44 Megs, Moving Image Gallery, New York, NY
                The Graphic Art Biennial, Györ, Hungary
2000       R.E.D. - Remote Experience Dependency, UCU Gallery, New York, NY
                Noise: The Digital and the Discrete, Whipple Museum of the History of Science, Cambridge, MA
                The Perpetual Well, Samuel Harn Museum of Art, Gainesville, FL
                The Perpetual Well, Parrish Art Museum, Southhampton, NY
                Rounders, UCU Gallery, New York, NY
                polyALTERITY, UMF Art Gallery, Farmington, ME
1999       Reflex: Matthias Groebel, Joseph Nechvatal & Endre Tót, Galerie Berndt, Köln
                Digital Hybrids, McDonough Museum of Art, Youngstown, OH                                                    
                TheTecho-Digital Sublime, Central Fine Arts, New York, NY
                Ma(r)king, Central Arts, Tuscon, AZ
                Three Computer-related Artists, Galerie Berndt, Köln
                Links: Schilderkunst in Extremis? Kunstcentrum Sittard, Maastricht
                Diverse Dialogues, Aljira Center for Contemporary Art, Newark, NJ
             Old School, Life, New York City, curated by Carlo McCormick
1998       Body Mécanique, Wexner Center, Columbus, OH
                Thundergulch: Computer Arts Fellows, New York Technology Center, NY 
                Chaos and Capacity, Central Fine Arts, Inc. New York, NY
1997       Art Fractal, Galerie Richard, Paris
             Zoom (Fractal), Stae University of New York, NY, Purchase (catalogue)
1995       Blast, Bioinformatica, Kolnischer Kunstverein, Köln
                Blast,, Galerie des Archives, Paris
                Veered Science, Huntington Beach Art Center, CA
                In Corpus Machina, Espace d'Art, Paris
                Blast, Bioinfomatica, Javier Lopez Gallery, London
                Reinventing The Emblem, Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven, CT 
                Die Schnheit Der Fraktale, Galerie Karin Sachs, Munich
                Transiti, Arx Art Gallery, Turino
                Art Fractal: été, Galerie Angle Art Contemporain, St. Paul-Tro Château
1994       Excess in the Techno-Mediacratic Society, Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Santa Monica, CA   
                Art & Virus, Gallery Yaki Kornblit, Amsterdam
                Tohu-Bohu, Galerie de l'Etoile, Paris
                Art & Virus, Galleria Del Ventaglio Contemporanea, Udine
                Lo Specchio di Proteo, Perugia, Alessandria 
                Figures d'Origines, Chapelle Salpêtrière, Paris
1993       Computeruntersttzte Kunst, Kunstlerwerkstatt, Munich
                L'Opera Al Femminile, Galleria Arx, Turino
                Excess in the Techno-Mediacratic Society, Musée d'Arbois, France 
                Excess in the Techno-Mediacratic Society, Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna 
                Bodies, Atelier of Philip Pocock, Köln
                Mediale Hamburg (catalogue)
                Erlebnis E Alterita, Galleria Marco Noire, Turino
                Hiding / Revealing, Galerie In Situ, Aalst
                La Fractalité dans l'Art, Campus de La Doua, Villeurbanne, Mediale Hamburg
                Painting as Paradigm, Stark Gallery, New York, NY
                Procédures Informatiques, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts, Paris
                Presentation, Neuer Aachener Kunstverein, Aachen
1992       Ecstasy, Dooley Le Cappellaine, New York, NY
                L'Epreuve Numérique, Centre National de la Photographie, Paris
                New York, NY Artists, Galerie Bernhard Steinmetz, Bonn
                10th Anniversary Visiting Artists Exhibition, Ewing Gallery, University of Tennessee at Knoxville, TN
                Representation, Reproduction and Photography, Usdan Gallery, Bennington College, Bennington, VT
1991       Outside America: Going into the 90s, Fay Gold Gallery, Atlanta, GA
                Dilation, performed by the ballerina Lauren Houser at the residence of Bil Ehrlich, New York, NY
1990       20th Anniversary Exhibition White Columns, New York, NY
Quiet on the Western Front, Galerie Antoine Candau, Paris
                The Unique Print: 70s into 90s, Lois & Michael Torf Gallery, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA
                Exchange of Information, New York, NY Telephone New York, NY
                Le Tableau des Riches Inventions, Picaron Editions, Amsterdam
1989       Theater on Paper, The Drawing Center, New York, NY
                Once upon A Time There Was A Photograph, Barbara Gillman Gallery, Miami, FL
                After Collapse: Rebuilding Expressive Media, State University, Amherst, MA
                Strange Attractors: Signs of Chaos, The New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, NY
                Standplaats AKI, Akademie Voor Beeldende Kunst, Enschede, The Netherlands
                Moderne Kunst, Malmo Kunsthallen Brandts Klaedefabrik, Odense, Malmo, Sweden
                Erotic America, Galerie Antoine Candau, Paris
                The Man Who Believed He Could Move: A Celebration of the Bicentennial of the French Revolution,
                Dia Art Foundation, New York, NY
1988       Art at the End of the Social, Rooseum, Malmo, Sweden
                New Visions of the Apocalypse, Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI 
                New Y
ork, NY Now, Guthenberg Art Museum, Switzerland and Finland
                Computer Assisted: The Computer in Contemporary Art, Albright College, Reading, PA.
                Committed to Print, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY
                Perpetual Subversions, Bruno Facchetti, New York, NY
1987       Documenta 8, Kassel  
                Chemical Field, De Zaak, Groningen
                Digital Visions: Computers and Art, Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse
                Digital Visions: Computers and Art, IBM Gallery, New York,  NY
                New Coordinates, Simard, Halm and Shee Gallery, Los Angeles, CA   
                This is not a Photograph: Twenty Years of Large-Scale, Photography: 1966-1986 
                The John & Mable Ringling Museum of Art, Sarasota, Fl
                This is not a Photograph: Twenty Years of Large-Scale, Photography: 1966-1986, Akron Art Museum, OH
                This is not a Photograph: Twenty Years of Large-Scale, Photography: 1966-1986, The Chrysler Museum, Norfolk, VA
                Not a Door; A Spectacle, in collaboration with  Scott B. Billingsley , Hallwalls, Buffalo, NY
1986       Drawings from the Collection of Dorothy and Herbert Vogel, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, AR
                Drawings from the Collection of Dorothy and Herbert Vogel, University of Alabama Moody Gallery of Art , AL
                Drawings from the Collection of Dorothy and Herbert Vogel, Tuscaloosa Pennsylvania State  University, PA 
                Drawings from the Collection of Dorothy and Herbert Vogel, Palmer Museum of Art, University Park, AK
                Il Cangiante, Padiglione d'Arte Contemporanea, Milano
                Metabody, Hallwalls, Buffalo, NY
                Spiritual America, CEPA, Buffalo, NY
ay Attencion, Brandts Palchus Galleri, Copenhagen
                Time after Time, Diane Brown Gallery, New York, NY
                Face It, Anders Tornberg Gallery, Lund, Sweden
                Drawings, Piezo Electric, New York, NY
                XS: The Opera,  with Rhys Chatham, Shakespeare Theatre, Boston, MA
1985       Whitney Biennial: Group Material, The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY
                Infotainment,Texas Gallery, Houston, TX
                Infotainment, Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago, IL
                Infotainment, Vanquard Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
                Infotainment, Aspen Art Museum, Aspen, CO
                Infotainment, De Selby Gallery, Amsterdam
                Infotainment, Galerie Montenay-Delsol, Paris
                Correspondences: New York, NY Art Now, Laforet Museum Harajuku, Tokyo
                Correspondences: New York, NY Art Now, Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Fine Arts, Utsunomiya
                Correspondences: New York, NY Art Now, Tagaki Hall Espace Media, Kobe
                Anniottanta Castel Sismondo, Palazzina Moster, Chiesa di Santa Maria ad Nives, Rimini
                Anniottanta Castel Sismondo, Galleria Comunale d'Arte Moderna, Bologna       
                Memento Mori, Moore College of Art Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
                The End of the Night, with Rhys Chatham,  Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA
                XS: Night of Power, with Rhys Chatham, 8 BC, New York, NY
                XS: Night of Power, with Rhys Chatham, Quando, New York, NY
1984       Drawings, Paintings, and Sculpture, Brooke Alexander, New York, NY
                Smart Art: New Work from New York, NY, Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
                Disarming Images: Art for Nuclear Disarmament, Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, OH
                Via Satellite, Amerika-Haus, Köln 
                Natural Genre, Fine Arts Gallery, School of Visual Arts, Florida State University, FL 
                The New Capital, White Columns, New York, NY
                Drawings by Contemporary Figurative Artists, Meyerhoff Gallery, Maryland Institute, College of Art, Baltimore, PA 
                Humanism: An Undercurrent, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL
                Contemporary Perspectives, Center Gallery, Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA
                Motives, Albright-Know Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY
                New York, NY New: 26 Artists, Studio di Corrado Levi, Milano
                Dessins, Galerie Gillespie-Laage-Salomon, Paris
                Romance and Catastrophe, Piezo Electric, New York, NY
                XS: The Opera Opus, with Rhys Chatham, Pyramid Club,  New York, NY
                XS: The Opera Opus, with Rhys Chatham, Club Danceteria,  New York, NY
                XS: The Opera Opus, with Rhys Chatham, 8 BC Club,  New York, NY
                XS: The Opera Opus, with Rhys Chatham, Dannheisser Foundation, New York, NY
1983       New York, NY,  Kunstmuseum, Aalborg, Denmark 
                New York, NY, Randers Kunstmuseum, Randers, Denmark 
                Contemporary Drawings, Barbara Krakow, Boston, MA
                Four New York, NY Artists, Jack Tilton Gallery, New York, NY
                Rotating Group Show, Paula Cooper Gallery, New York, NY
                Speed Trials, White Columns, New York, NY
                Joseph Nechvatal / Not Vital / Robin Weglinski, Gallery Nature Morte, New York, NY
1982       The Atomic Salon, Ronald Feldman Gallery, New York, NY
1981       New Drawings, The Drawing Center, New York, NY
The Positive Show, ABCNo Rio, New York, NY
                The Inauguration Show, ABC No Rio, New York, NY
                The Doomsday Show, Artists Space, New York, NY
             The Monumental Art Show, Brooklyn, NY
                Free Speech on Broadway Performance, Performance with Carol Parkinson and Cid Collins, New York, NY
1980       Colab : Collaborative Projects, Brooke Alexander, New York, NY
                Murder, Suicide &, Junk, ABC No Rio, New York, NY
                The Times Square Show, Times Square, New York, NY
                Artists for Survival, ABC No Rio,
1978       European Art/Performance, with  Carol Parkinson et Cid Collins, Tour Centre of Experimental Theatre, Antwerp
                European Art/Performance, with Carol Parkinson and Cid Collins, Ecole d'Architecture , Tournai
                European Art/Performance, with Carol Parkinson and Cid Collins, Theatre on the Rijn, Arnhem, The Netherlands

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Public Collections
The Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY, USA
The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, USA
The National Gallery of Art, Washington, USA
Los Angeles County Museum of Art, L.A., USA
The Jewish Museum, New York, NY, USA
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The Blanton Museum of Art, University of Texas, Austin, TX, USA
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