Galerie Richard

At Galerie Richard Jeff ELROD had a solo exhibition in 2011; Dan HAYS has been represented by GR since 2022 and will have a first solo exhibition in March 2022; Philippe HURTEAU has been represented by GR since 2022 and will have a solo exhibition at GR in November 2022;
Rémy HYSBERGUE has been represented by GR since 2021 and is now exhibiting;
Joseph NECHVATAL has been represented by GR since 2008.

This exhibition marks the death of the ideology of the end of painting conveyed in France by the institutional milieu since the late 80s and which has obliterated all support and promotion of contemporary painters.

Jean-Luc and Takako Richard are very pleased to announce that they represent Dan HAYS, born in 1966 in London.
He gained international recognition with his pixelated landscape paintings presented in 2002 on the “Post-Digital Painting” exhibition at the Cranbrook Art Museum and in the book Vitamin P dedicated to today’s painting.
His works are in the collections of the Tate Gallery, Saatchi Collection, Walker Art Gallery, HSBC, Victoria & Albert Museum.


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