Galerie Richard

ACTUART article by Eric SIMON

Galerie Richard presents Shirley Kaneda’s fifth solo exhibition under the title Eccentric Pleasure. It consists of six paintings created in 2018 that were exhibited at The New York Studio School in 2022. Starting in 2018, Shirley Kaneda returned to the Post-Formalism for which she first became known. She abandons an abstract biomorphic aesthetic that she had developed by acquiring She is abandoning the abstract biomorphic aesthetic she developed when she acquired the rudiments of Photoshop in 2000, and which associated her with the painters who brought digital aesthetics and techniques to painting.

At first glance, one thinks of a classic abstract language of clearly identifiable geometric shapes. They are composed of verticals, horizontals and arcs of circles. These are forms without symmetrical repetition. Closer inspection reveals that while most of the shapes are painted in perfectly smooth monochrome, others are painted with deliberately visible brushstrokes. Despite appearances, these compositions are complex and unexpected. They possess that playful quality that is a common thread running through all Shirley Kaneda’s work.


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