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David RYAN

In the words of the artist: «Simple marks do not describe their author as a virtuoso or skilled draftsman. They describe a moment in time when everyone is becoming an artist. Automation is displacing individuals from their career trajectories and, by default, most will become artists of some discipline. Technology allows the unskilled visionary to create and obtain a mass-produced polished finish. This will improve with time, as it is an extension of technology into human change and our concept of production. I think of Ab-Ex painters such as Jackson Pollock whose marks were essentially a live recording of his gestures as he applied paint to the canvas. When I make my gesture with the mouse on the pad, this trace can be manipulated with a click-and-drag into a heroic scale that manifests onto the screen. This initial trace can then can be undone, and another alteration can be performed repeatedly, until a creative desire is satiated. In other words, yesterday’s post-production has become today’s starting point for artists.»

David Ryan’s bas-reliefs have helped him establish a reputation in the field of three-dimensional wall paintings/sculptures. Ryan’s compositions display refined and unexpected arrangements of color that build up in entangled layers of monochromatic panels. In 2013, Ryan became interested in revisiting the concepts of Abstract Expressionism in painting. He began to replace the controlled, slender, and sensuous lines that had until then inspired him (reminiscent of the smooth metalic design of sports cars and other objects) with spontaneous, automated lines.

The word ephemera in the exhibition’s title suggests the nature of the ideas that are expressed in their shape by the trace that results of using a computer mouse. Manicuring the Ephemera speaks of the added artistic value provided by the careful and precise technical process involved in the creation of the works. Ryan ‘s new work celebrates the cursory aspects of the mundane, and their role in desacralizing the status of concept and skill in the creative process.

1971  Born in Houston, Texas.
Lives and works in Las Vegas, Nevada.


2003     M.F.A., University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Nevada
1996     B.F.A., University of Texas at Austin, Texas


2001      Marjorie Francis Laird Scholarship Recipient
2000     Teaching Assistantship, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
1999      Marjorie Francis Laird Scholarship Recipient


Las Vegas Art Museum, Las Vegas, NV
Palm Springs Art Museum, Palm Springs, CA
Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, San Diego, CA
Nevada Cancer Institute, Las Vegas, NV
Borusan Center for Culture and Arts, Istanbul, Turquie
Brown University, Providence, RI
Weissman Foundation, Los Angeles, CA



2023 LAS-CDG, Paris, Galerie Richard

2018  Untitled SF, San Francisco, Galerie Richard (avec Carl Fudge)

2017  Manicuring the Ephemera, Untitled, Miami Beach, FL
Manicuring the Ephemera, Galerie Richard, New York, NY

2015  Paint Show, Galerie Richard, Paris
New Works, Mark Moore Gallery, Culver City, CA

2014  David Ryan, MCQ Fine Art, Las Vegas, Nevada

2013   Submarines ^ Satellites, Galerie Richard, NY
Object > Path > Outline Stroke, Mark Moore Gallery, Culver City, CA
The Rochester Art Center, Rochester, MN
Weinstein Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

2011    Glitches & Fixes, James Kelly Contemporary, Sante Fe, NM

2009    Suzy, Galerie Richard, Paris, France
New Work, Davidson Contemporary, New York, NY

2008     Project Room, Mark Moore Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
A36°9’16”E,-115°8’6”N, Galerie Richard, Paris, France

2005     Mark Moore Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
Angstrom Gallery, Dallas, TX
Batteries Can’t Help Now, Numark Gallery, Washington, DC

2004     Mark Moore Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

2003     Rum Runner, Mark Moore Gallery, Santa Monica, CA


2022   Dify Diaspora, in memory of Dave Hickey, Donna Beam Fine Art Gallery, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, NV

2020  Untitled, Galerie Richard, Paris

2019  30 ans, Galerie Richard, Paris

2018  Digital Painting – Part 1, Galerie Richard, New York, NY

2017  Tilting the Basin: Contemporary art of Nevada, Nevada Museum of Art, Las Vegas, NV
Swab art fair, Galerie Richard, Barcelone, Spain
The Wild West, Galerie Richard, New York, NY
Union Pacific, Circuit 12, Dallas, TX

2016  Painting into 3 Dimensions, Galerie Richard, New York, NY
Volta Basel, Galerie Richard, Basel, Switzerland
2015 Dallas Art Fair, Galerie Richard, Dallas, TX

2014  Brave New World, Scott Richardson Fine Art, San Francisco, CA
Art for Arts Sake, Marjorie Barrick Museum, Las Vegas, NV
Conversation, Morgan Lehman Gallery, New York, NY

2013  Abstractions Hors Frontères, group show, Galerie Richard, Paris
Art for Art’s Sake, Frederick R. Weisman Museum of Art, Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA
Art Miami Context, Miami FL

2012   Binary Inventions: Arts and Culture in the Digital Age, Third Street Gallery, University of
North Dakota, ND
New Acquisitions from the Tanner Collection, David Winton Bell Gallery, Brown University,
Provience, Rhode Island
Summer Group Show, Galerie Richard, Paris

2011   Open, Mark Moore Gallery, Culver City, CA
Art Chicago, Galerie Richard, Chicago, IL

2009    Small is Beautiful, Seomi & Tuus, Seoul, South Korea
Pop Abstraction in Las Vegas, Villa Tamaris Centre d’art Contemporain, La Seyne-sur-Mer

2008   The Difference Between Making a Living and Making a Killing, Michele C Quinn Fine
Art Advisory, Las Vegas, NV
Art Amsterdam, Galerie Richard booth, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Diaspora: The Emergence of Contemporary Art From The Neon Homeland, Laguna Art
Museum, Laguna Beach, CA
Phenomenon: New Perspectives in Painting, Al-Sabah Art, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

2007    Diaspora: The Emergence of Contemporary Art From The Neon Homeland, Las Vegas
Art Museum, Las Vegas, NV

2006    Mark Moore Gallery Presents, Rokeby Gallery, London, UK
David Ryan, Tim Bavington, Yek, Thomas Burke: Pop Abstraction in Las Vegas, Galerie Richard, Paris, France
Last Show, Numark Gallery, Washington DC

2005   Summer Show, Mark Moore Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

2004     Indulgence, Reed Whipple Cultural Center Gallery, Las Vegas, NV
Horseplay Glow Rug, Angstrom Gallery, Dallas, TX

2003     Just One Word: Plastics, Square Blue Gallery, Costa Mesa, CA
Airborne, Donna Beam Gallery, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, NV

2002     Rocket Widgets, Grant Hall Gallery, Las Vegas, NV
Juried Show 12, juried by Alexis Smith, C.A.C. Gallery, Las Vegas, NV

2001     Sizzle, Arts Factory, Las Vegas, NV
Unthemed, curated by Libby Lumpkin, C.A.C. Gallery, Las Vegas, NV

2000    At the Arts Factory, M(9) Atelier, Las Vegas, NV

1999     Juried Exhibition, juried by Tom Holder, Las Vegas Art Museum, Las Vegas, NV,

1998     Taunt Your Furniture, M(9) Atelier, Las Vegas, NV

1997      Portrait, M(9) Atelier, Las Vegas, NV

1996      Inauguration, 807 Gallery, Austin, TX


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