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Probably in reaction to the flatness of digital screens that humans watch in average eight hours a day in developed countries, artists and art collectors get more involved with three-dimensional paintings in the 21st century. Galerie Richard has been following this development by exhibiting Bram Bogart, Takesada Matsutani, Norio Imai, Frank Stella, Ron Gorchov, Jud Pfaff, Linda Besemer, David Ryan, Sven Ole Frahm, Laurence Papouin, and recently Koen Delaere. When the gallery participated in Texas Contemporary Art Fair, the gallerist was stuck in front of one exhibited work by Eduardo Portillo and he thought, “I’ve never seen something like that before; the way the artist places its protrusions, in other words, his points of composition on the border is like playing a three dimensional go game. This guy is visually incredibly smart.”

Technically his works are shaped canvases, paintings on the walls or on the floor. Usually, the aesthetics of shaped canvases is associated with smooth sensual curves (Gorchov, Matsutani, Imai…) or with geometrical patterns (Frank Stella, Enrico Castellani…). Eduardo Portillo’s canvases are not smooth but sharp, and the composition is unpredictable, surprising, playful and nevertheless perfectly balanced. On the work titled Eta Carinae DS100 the three dents on the works on the surface perfectly combine with the three points of the triangular canvas. The artist also makes great decisions in his selection of colors depending on the canvas shape and their position on the front or on the sides. As his work is three dimensional, it implies shadows and reflections and the artist plays with them. The standing work titled B-15z seems to have received a sun and colored ray just on his sides.

Eduardo Portillo’s shape canvas brings a new visual aesthetics in the art history of painting. Their three-dimensional aspect and their abstract vocabulary are open to multiple interpretations which combine and enrich his works.


Born El Congo, El Salvador in 1986
Lives and works in Houston, TX


2010 BFA, Studio Art Painting, University of Houston, Houston, TX
2011 Art History Minor, University of Houston, Houston, TX

Awards and Residencies

2015 Universidad de Ciencias y Arte de Chiapas, Mexico/ Art Symposium
Vermont Studio Center Fellowship
2013 Artist Participant – 65th Houston Art League Gala, Texas Artist of the Year
2011 University of Houston School of Art –Flaxman Endowed Art Scholarship

Solo Exhibitions

2018 Close Encounters, Anya Tish Gallery, Houston, TX
Slanted+Over-Lit, Galerie Richard, New York City, NY
America Invertida, Kirk Hopper Fine Art, Dallas, TX

2017 Frontera, RULE Gallery, Denver, CO

2016 Pushing Boundaries, Site 131, Dallas, TX

2014 Soft Edge, Anya Tish Gallery, Houston, TX
Allocated Spaces, Kirk Hopper Fine Arts, Dallas, TX
Greetings from LAHOUANY, Avis Frank, Houston, TX

2013 An Allegory of Humor, Kirk Hopper Fine Arts, Dallas, TX
Eduardo Portillo: New Work, HCC Central Art Gallery, Houston, TX
Things that I painted and did not paint, San Jacinto College South, Houston, TX
Painting in Space, Houston Community College, Northeast, Houston, TX

Group Exhibitions

2018 Light and Space in South-West, Galerie Richard, New York, NY

2016 FTW, Revision Space, Pittsburgh, PA
Gallery Artists Group Show, RULE Gallery, Marfa, TX

2015 Lone Star Global, Anya Tish Gallery, Houston, TX
Swelter, Kirk Hopper Fine Art, Dallas, TX

2014 Greetings from LAHOUNY, Avis Frank Gallery, Houston, TX

2013 65th Art League Houston Gala/Texas Artist of the Year,Houston, TX
The Big Show, Lawndale Art Center, Houston, TX
Proximity, a Fine Art Exhibition, Houston City Hall Annex, Houston, TX
Quattro, Montrose Art Society, Spring Street Studios, Houston, TX / Curator

2012 Across the Line, Montrose Art Society, Spring Street Studios, Houston, TX
Hispanic Heritage Art Show, Houston Community College, Houston, TX

2011 A Pixelated Bunch, Group Exhibition, G Gallery, Houston, TX

2011 University of Houston Student Show, Blue Star Contemporary Center of Art, San Antonio, TX

2011 Complicity with Anonymous Materials, Experimental Film Collaboration by 14 Artists, Temporary Space, Houston, TX

2010 Fall and Spring Student Exhibition, Blaffer Art Museum, Houston,


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