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At first glance we may wonder what the relationship is between the painting on methyl polymethacrylate, in other words a plastic mirror, presented at the gallery on the exhibition «Les Braves» in 2012 and his new paintings on silk velvet.  In both cases it is a question of opening a new perceptual space. With the mirror, it is the physical space in front of the painting that visually penetrates deep into the painted space; with velvet it is a dense, absorbent colored space, as well as in Rothko’s most beautiful paintings. Beyond technical mastery, it is the creation of a limited number of spaces superimposed (often three, the number of planets from which the chaos theories discovered by Raymond Poincaré apply) , which most certainly characterizes his works. 


Matter, light, space are the terms that recur most often in the writings on the works of this painter. We often start by talking about matter because it is the last layer, the most obvious to impose itself in the eyes, whereas we should probably end with it. Space in itself, it creates by hiding the spaces below. It happens rather rarely to become the main space, especially in A40020. It presents itself as a skin, which plays with our gaze to perceive what is hidden, visible in the interstices, the folds, the tears. It’s a reverse eroticism. On the light background slightly degraded to define a three-dimensional space, the black curves which themselves cover another color (which detaches them from the background), define by their curvature a curved space which can induce to associate the first layer. It was only by greatly enlarging a white trace detail of the painting that I realized my error. My so-called skin, the first space or layer is actually the last, the silk velvet. he black traces of a large brush stroke on the velvet are stunning. 


In several works Rémy Hysbergue reproduces a wide-angle perspective by the repetition of the same successive touches that grow or shrink according to the desired perspective effect. In the dark paintings one thinks of the effects of waves illuminated by the moon and the flash for the foreground in the sea at night, in particular for the work A38220. In A36420, there is almost a horizon line in the darkness of the painting in its center, stopped by an enigmatic vertical space. There may be a mid-height horizon line effect also in the A39620 painting, a magnificent work, rich in diverse and disorienting perspectives. 


Born in 1967 in Valenciennes, Rémy HYSBERGUE is one of the most important abstract painters of his generation in France. He has exhibited in reference galleries, including Galerie Jean Brolly and Nancy Hoffmann Gallery. His works are in the collections of the Fonds National d’Art Contemporain, the collections of several FRAC, Musée Oohara in Japan.

Expositions personnelles ( sélection )

2016 sublimations, galerie jean brolly, paris

2015 grands dessins et merveilles, la galerie, lyon

2014 auf papier, bourouina gallery, berlin

2012 points du jour, galerie jean brolly, parisrémy hysbergue, hôtel du ménoc – avec le frac poitou-charentes, melle (fr)
oh là là, kunstverein langenfeld, langenfeld, allemagne
réalisation de 16 vitraux, église saint-savinien, melle
images, bourouina gallery, berlin
rémy hysbergue, l’art dans les chapelles – avec laurent le corre, chapelle saint-meldéoc, locmeltro (fr)
2011 nouvelles donnes, la vitrine – galerie jean brolly, paris

2009 d’ici on pourrait croire que la vue est imprenable, frac poitou-charentes, angoulême*
rémy hysbergue, frac auvergne, clermont-ferrand*
surfaces, bourouina gallery, berlin*
vertiges, galerie jean brolly, paris
2007 circonstanciels, casa architecture, saint‑tropez

2006 utopie passagère, galerie jean brolly, paris

2005 par delà les interstices, galerie de l’atelier 2, espace francine masselis, villeneuve d’ascq

2004 rémy hysbergue, nancy hoffman gallery, new york vides faits, abracadabras, laps…, espace lumière, hénin-beaumont*

2003 sans fuite d’huile, galerie philipe casini, paris rémy hysbergue, nancy hoffman gallery, new york

2002galerie jack hanley, san francisco
trêve de balivernes, galerie philipe casini, paris
école nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs, aubusson

2001 rémy hysbergue, frac auvergne, clermont-ferrand*
école nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs, limoges

2000 une impression de beau temps, galerie philippe casini, paris

1997 galerie valleix, paris

1996 galerie du haut pavé, paris

Expositions collectives

2021 Musée des Sables d’Olonne ( à venir )
Laube Karlsruhe ( avec Jordan Madlon )

2020 Vitraux d’artistes, Abbaye Royale de Fontevraud

2019 Shades of Black Storpunkt gallery , Munich

2018 Sans titre, No Mad Galerie, Paris
News of the Fake, Orangerie du Château de Sucy-en-Brie (commissaire
: Karim Ghaddab)
Le vitrail contemporain
: une invitation faite à la lumière
Couvent de la Tourette, Eveux-Labresle
Etats de la peinture
: Rémy Hysbergue, Jan Kämmerling
galerie Jean Brolly, Paris

2017 Dem Frühling entgegen, Bourouina Gallery,[archive] Berlin

2016 Sur le fil, galerie Jean Brolly, Paris

2014. Schwarze Sauberei, tête Gallery, Berlin

Disparitions réciproques, FRAC Poitou-Charentes, Angoulême
Les peintres et le vitrail. Vitraux français contemporains, 2000-2015,
Centre international du vitrail, Chartres

2013 Ulysses: Les douceurs du péché, domaine étendu du livre
: Stéphane Le Mercier), FRAC PACA, Marseille
Le meilleur profil, Centre d’art et photographie, Lectoure
Le moindre geste, Grandes Galeries de l’Aître Saint-Maclou, Rouen
2012 La peinture, mode d’emploi, le 19, CRAC de Montbéliard
2011 Les Braves, Galerie Richard, Paris
Choses incorporelles, Musée des Beaux-arts, Chapelle du Carmel, Libourne

2010 Transfrontaliers, CRAC de Montbéliard
FRAC Auvergne,

2009 Voyage sentimental 6
: Attraction, FRAC Poitou-Charentes, Linazay
Carte blanche à la galerie Jean Brolly, École des Beaux-arts, Rennes
Vide et plénitude, organisée par le Centre Culturel Coréen,
Espace Commines, Paris

2008. What’s up 2009, Galerie Amel Bourouina, Berlin

2007 La Société Générale, Zoom sur une collection, Carré d’Art, Nîmes
À travers le miroir, Musée d’art et d’archéologie, Aurillac
Le syndrome de Babylone, Villa du Parc, Annemasse

2006 Carte blanche à la galerie Jean Brolly, Musée Matisse,
Le Cateau- Cambrésis, Vous êtes ici, FRAC Auvergne, Clermont-Ferrand

2005 Galerie Jean Brolly, Paris
Elusive Surface, Galerie Nancy Hoffman, New York

2004 We have never been to Japan, Maison de la culture, Amiens De leur temps, ADIAF, musée des beaux-arts de Tourcoing
Lumière naturelle, Centre Pomel, Issoire
Galerie L’Espace du dedans, Lille

2003 Concepts, Ideas, Inventions, Galerie Nancy Hoffman, New York
Ramp Gallery, Hamilton (Nouvelle-Zélande)
A fleur de peau, École des Beaux-arts de Rouen
Galerie Philippe Casini, Paris


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