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Press release

The group exhibition under the title “Untitled” assumes the absence of a unifying artistic concept. It is almost a coincidence that these seven artists live and work in the United States and that six out of seven artists are painters. After all, Galerie Richard has indeed established its reputation for its program favouring painting and for its openness to contemporary art produced in the United States.

The first quality of Scott Anderson’s paintings is the ambiguity of his depiction of living beings. Gradually we perceive faces, characters that respect no perspective as to their size and that come from different iconographies of all kinds and all eras. His paintings reflect the cultural upheavals of our troubled times and invite us to contemplate fragments of moments of the present time of its mysterious inhabitants.

Linda Besemer opens new perspectives to the history of Op Art by integrating the third dimension, the autonomy of acrylic material, and recently the introduction in her works of bugs and parasites that open up new unpredictable visual spaces.

Carl Fudge also confronts us with the concept of camouflage to the fragmentation and dissolution of the image in his paintings and works on paper as a testimony of a generation of artists who went from the analog world to the digital world.

Dennis Hollingsworth is resolutely committed to the resistance of painting as a major means of expression in Art and exacerbates the potentialities of expression specific to the medium, in a tactile and visceral relationship to oil painting.

Joseph Nechvatal is a digital pioneer who has influenced many young artists in Frnce and the United States. He reconciles his love for painting and his history with the new digital tools of expression. By allowing a digital virus to develop within its process, it opens up new creative freedoms.

Starting from spontaneous drawings with his computer mouse David Ryan stands out with his complex bas-reliefs composed of monochrome panel superpositions with dynamic and sensual lines precisely cut by a robot.

Jeremy Thomas is definitely a sculptor. By infusing compressed air into strictly geometric sculptures in a 1000-degree Celsius oven, he transforms them into a spontaneous, organic, fluid and curved aesthetic that marks a new millennium.


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