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Press release

Jean-Luc and Takako Richard present «30 ans», an anniversary collective exhibition bringing together thirteen artists who have exhibited in the last five years at the gallery or art fair. The artists currently represented by the gallery present three works.

The gallery pays tribute to Takesada Matsutani by presenting a beautiful work of 2012 at the entrance of the exhibition. The Galerie Richard represents the artist in Paris and organizes his first exhibitions in New York, while integrating a historical work into the collection of the Centre Georges Pompidou. In this first room, we find meditative works by the Japanese painter Kiyoshi Nakagami, the painter of light, presented in solo exhibition at Art Paris this year.
A wall is dedicated to the small refined abstract paintings of the American David Ryan. Known for its dynamic juxtapositions in three dimensions, the works presented are his first arrangements of acrylic on paper and PVC panels. On another wall are presented a selection of digital photographs by Lauren Marsolier, a French artist recognized internationally for her disconcerting «e-scapes».

A large sculpture on the ground by the American artist Jeremy Thomas, an example of the creativity of this artist who inflates metallic structures and thus creates a unique balance between initially geometric forms that develop into organic forms. This year he had a large solo exhibition at the Contemporary Art Center of Santa Fe.

The second room presents a dialogue between paintings by Carl Fudge and Joseph Nechvatal, two painters who have absorbed in their paintings the creative possibilities and aesthetics of new digital technologies.

The third room is dedicated to the digital photographs of the Spanish artist Dionisio González, which the gallery presented at art fairs and in New York but which is the first presentation in the Parisian gallery. Virtual architect, he creates dystopian landscapes of a confusing realism.

The fourth large room presents figurative paintings by the American Scott Anderson, an elliptical and enigmatic figuration revealing a great mastery of color.
They are followed by three works by the French Christophe Avella-Bagur, figurative painting without concession, including a striking self-portrait suggesting a crucifixion.
On the opposite wall are three figurative paintings by the German painter Sebastian Ludwig with a singular work of tramage in relief that alters the visual recognition of the subject as well as the new series of Mont-Blanc in black and white by the French painter Hervé Heuzé, which discreetly suggests the consequences of climate change on these landscapes.
Two organic sculptures by Jeremy Thomas make the link between spaces 4 and 5.

In the fifth room, the French artist Laurence Papouin who made himself known in France by his work of empowering the acrylic material of any traditional medium presents three works of different periods, including a recent one that will announce his next exhibition.

At the opening Jean-Luc Richard will announce a list of new artists for Galerie Richard, Paris.


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