Galerie Richard

Laurence PAPOUIN - Project Room

Press release

Laurence Papouin inaugurates a new space in the Galerie Jean-Luc & Takako Richard called “Project Room”, dedicated to new young artists. This is Laurence Papouin’s first personal exhibition in an art gallery. Entitled “Project Room” the exhibition will run from September 5 to October 17, 2009.

In line with Ron Gorchov and Linda Besemer, Laurence Papouin explores three-dimensionality in painting by varying effects and developing her own techniques.

Folded, dented forms, all in curves and hollows, emerge from rectangular monochrome paintings. Laurence Papouin radically transfigures the minimalism of color and form with this saving addition, at once light, spontaneous and perfectly mastered.

The other works are reminiscent of colored tea towels with geometric shapes hung on a coat rack. Mistake. This is not DIY art in the spirit of Support-Surface. It is pure acrylic paint on a resin base. It is therefore a real solid and durable painting-sculpture. The folds are fixed for eternity like the colored drapes of the subjects’ clothes in Simon Vouet’s paintings. Laurence Papouin gracefully writes a new page in the history of French Baroque painting.


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