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Galerie Richard presents the first solo exhibition in Paris of Joeggu Hossmann’s paintings entitled Existence Has No Format from November 4, 2021 to January 16, 2022. Born in 1978 in Switzerland, Joeggu Hossmann explains our digital era with the web as an aesthetic reference and the GAFA as instruments of their visual standardization. He transcribes the pictorial material found on the Internet into traditional oil paintings, presenting the collective visual memory of the virtual world.

The hanging is exceptionally charged, reflecting the ability of the contemporary gaze to view multiple screens simultaneously.

Each painting is meticulously executed by the artist with color zones corresponding to a pixelated screen image. The artist reproduces areas of cut colors such as lace, different from both square-by-pixel carvings and curvatures of topographical maps.

Paintings reproducing the pages of the most viewed images for a particular word-search keys on Google contain a mass of visual information that perfectly represent the Zeitgeist and that for this can be considered the major series of his work.

The most developed series is probably today that of celebrities, whether they are in the field of cinema, music, sport, art…

Landscapes around the world are another important theme. The hues of the sky are subtly degraded. There is often a feeling of loneliness in these great landscapes. Some views are actually reprints of photographs of the globe-trotter artist, which reveal a personal look at the landscape and its interest in capturing the daily life of people from all countries.

Painting was the dominant medium of expression for two purposes:
– objectively represent the iconography of the world at any time
– To show the uniqueness of each artist and thus of each human being.
The painters were able to absorb the photographic medium in their practice. Today Joeggu Hossmann appropriates the inventory capacities of the digital in favor of the medium of painting.

Joeggu Hossmann regularly exhibits in Switzerland in Zurich, Germany in Mannheim and the United States in Kierland, Arizona and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
He has exhibited in the art centers of Switzerland in Steffisburg, Le Noirmont, the Museum of Arts of Moutier.


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