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Jean-Luc and Takako Richard are pleased to announce the first solo exhibition entitled «What is there» by Gilles Teboul in their Parisian gallery from May 7 to June 15, 2022.
Born in Paris in 1961, the subject of Gilles Teboul’s painting has always been the representation of light in space.
Close to the California Light and Space movement, his minimalist painting reproduces spaces of light and color. Gradually his painting was distinguished both by the immateriality of the resin applied without trace of the hand and by its reflexivity that refers to an outer space.

Gilles Teboul has been putting the painter’s gesture at a distance for 20 years. In his recent work, he goes so far as to abolish all gestural involvement by pouring a colored resin directly on his paintings without interfering in his spreading. Like many artists who exhibit or have exhibited at the gallery (Kiyoshi Nakagami, Rainer Gross, Takesada Matsutani, Norio Imai, Jeremy Thomas, Koen Delaere, etc.), he lets natural forces act in his creative process.

He recently presented his work at the Art in the Chapels in Pontivy, at 5UN7 in Bordeaux, and at the Centre d’Art Contemporain Chanot-Clamart.
Her works are regularly presented in San Francisco at the Nancy Toomey Gallery. He has participated in many international fairs including Volta 13 Basel-Switzerland with the Bruno Massa Gallery (solo show), L.A Art Fair-Los Angeles (solo show), Context New York, Kiaf Arts Seoul, Tokyo Art Fair.


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