Galerie Richard

Hervé HEUZÉ - Abîmes

Press release

Hervé Heuzé presents his new solo show at Galerie Jean-Luc & Takako Richard entitled « Abîmes », regrouping works from a new pictorial cycle started in 2006.

In a consistent light blue or shaded space, black strands and wisps either float idly or are taut and outline the geometric spaces. We think of an aquatic universe. Without any further elements these paintings could be appreciated as abstract works. In the majority of his new paintings, however Hervé Heuzé adds figurative elements such as vegetation, large insect forms, bodies of young girls draped in long translucent dresses as well as simple dresses floating in a blue light…

These new paintings are both richer in the diversity of their theme and more luminous than the 2006 paintings. The contrasts are more marked and so much that the depth perception is strikingly real.

This painter of light has achieved a feat of introspection allowing him to create a new series of paintings that are more mysterious and eerie than any he has done before. We are faced with a creation whose essence is indescribable, unfathomable. The artist leaves wide open the possibilities of interpretation. He only concedes that he considers today’s world to be more distressing, dangerous, unstable and unpredictable. His view of the world today is influenced by a representation of an individual’s psyche.

Hervé Heuzé, born in 1967 in Rouen, lives and works in Paris. He took part in the ’French Touche’ exhibition organized by the Villa Tamaris in 2007. In October he participated in the SoFF art fair in London. Four paintings from the ‘Abîmes’ series were added to the collection at the Beeldende Kunst Centrum in Rotterdam in 2008.


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