Galerie Richard

Marcus SENDLINGER - White Paintings

Press release

Galerie Jean-Luc & Takako Richard presents the first solo exhibition in France by Marcus Sendlinger from 14th June to 26th July 2008. Born in 1967, living in Berlin, Marcus Sendlinger is part of the young generation of German abstract painters. This latest series of works is entitled ‘White Paintings’ in reference to the white background of the images, it makes an interesting contrast to his previous series entitled ‘Black Paintings’.

The visual language of Marcus Sendlinger is epitomised by a dynamic composition made by straight diagonal lines, acute angles and triangles that give a volumous three-dimensional illusion that could be compared to the effect created by a crumpled piece of aluminium foil. Rather than placing these 3D shapes on to the canvas like Anselm Reyle, Marcus Sendlinger translates them into painting. Within his work he also plays with light, light that is created by the richly coloured stencilled effects, which humanises the metallilc coldness of his constructions. It is no coincidence that Daniel Libeskind was chosen to reconstruct the New York World Trade Centre after his work on the Jewish Museum in Berlin. Instead of a biomorphic architecture composed of curves and cocoon like shapes, which seem to want to isolate us from a violent world, this architect, along with Coop Himmelblau and others, invented an opposing  abstract architectural language, which displays the traits of the world. The same can be said for Marcus Sendlinger, whether in reference to his paintings, his sketches or his sculptures. His works are not ‘Deco Chic’ with overtones of reassuring kitsch ; they are not attempting to make us forget the real world, with its violence and chaotic nature. The works are not meditative abstractions, which seperate us from reality. It is abstract art that provides a direct link to today’s world and allows us to reflect better upon it.

In April Marcus Sendinger took part in the Take Five exhibition with, most notably, Lori Hersberger in Draschen Apartment, Vienna. In 2007 he exhibited at MAC Art Gallery in Istanbul, Turkey as well as at the Torrance Art Museum, USA, and at Galerie Jette Rudolph in Berlin.


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