Galerie Richard

GROSS Rainer, HOLLINGSWORTH Dennis, KIM Young-Hun, THOMAS Jeremy - Visual Pleasures

Press release

Visual Pleasures is the finality and the title of the new show with a selection of artists whose artworks at home make life much more pleasant and joyful, especially in a time of quarantine obligation. The exhibition presents between one and three works by artists Rainer Gross, Dennis Hollingsworth, Kim Young-Hun, Jeremy Thomas. 

The central piece of the show is Well Head Yellow, 2017, by Jeremy Thomas. In a video on youtube, the artist wishes to make sculptures that viscerally attract people. This inflated curved steel sculpture possesses a sensuality that invites visitors to caress it. Also, the artist magnificently plays with strong and vivid metallic colors.

Kim Young-Hun’s paintings create visual pleasures by his arrangement of colors and by the balanced composition between static geometrical shapes and dazzling energical large brushstrokes. His solo show in March at Volta New York was selected and described as “Playful Abstraction” in the New York Times.

Dennis Hollingsworth presents two sophisticated small delicate paintings. They can be defined as his signature paintings with his specific sculptural oil paints added on the canvas which makes them so alive and visually powerful. 

The exhibition presents a medium-size “Contact Painting” by Rainer Gross, with delicate nuances of blue, grey and yellow layered pigments attached and detached from one canvas to the other. The infinite details bring the viewer a space of contemplation.


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