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Press release

Galerie Richard New York presents Hervé Heuzé’s first solo show entitled  Mythologies from December 7th, 2016 to January 29th, 2017. During the same period, Galerie Richard Paris shows the artist’s seventh solo show entitled Mythologies – Works On Paper in Paris.

The considerable advances in medical science, whether genetic, cloning or surgical, open the imagination to all kinds of combinations of hybrid beings, half human – half animal. Instead of imagining a futuristic vision he realized as an artist-painter that the most successful hybrid creatures already existed as divinities in mythologies, especially those of Greek and Roman, Celtic, Hindu and Aztec. The mythology was also the his first subject in painting after he finished his art studies.

When the animal was not visually fitting to be hybridized with the human, he represented it in  an another relationship with the mankind inspired by literature (The Master and Margarita by Mikhaïl Boulgakov), and movies (King Kong). « It will be difficult to forget the look of this old monkey who addresses us but who concerns the western civilization, the ideology of the progress and the evolution » (1). The Pelican and The tiger titled Share Khan are animal paints without hybridations but still   related to divinities.

 « Heuzé tries to appropriate the myths, as he appropriated King Kong and the borders between the species to move them or blur them, so trying hard to regain them this sense of questioning, but also concern, which a positivist knowledge tends to mask » (2).

Whatever the subject he selects, Hervé Heuzé’s paintings have a specific signature. First you mostly get a very soft cold light which comes from the light in Normandy where the artist was born and lives. Then you get this light blue grey color, which maybe one day people will name The Heuzé Blue, which he masters and can recognize in most of his Series of paintings and colored works on paper. Even though the « Fight of Centaurs » is a violent scene and he added some red flowers on the front, the light blue – green landscape delivers some peace in it.

Hervé Heuzé regularly exhibits at Galerie Richard Paris and in many international art fairs. He participated in a group exhibition in 2013 at the Borusan Contemporary Museum, Istanbul, Turkey. He got a solo show at the Middle Space Gallery in Beijing in 2011 and at the Emily Davis Gallery at the University of Akron, Ohio, USA in 2010.

 (1) Jean-Pierre Zarader : « Métamorphoses de King Kong sur une peinture d’Hervé Heuzé » published by Galerie Richard on facebook and newsletter

 (2) Jean-Pierre Zarader : « Prométhée, un dessin d’Hervé Heuzé », published by Galerie Richard on facebook and newsletter


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