Galerie Richard

Jordan BROADWORTH - Terra Incognita

Press release

With a sustained look at his juxtaposition of patterns and textures, his play with subject and background as well as the arrangement between gesture and structure combine in charged harmony.

He builds his paintings with a tight grid like the one made up of pixels. The grid seems overhung by a softening filter and resting on a glowing backlit background positions the work in our era of digital entertainment.

These works are created “fresh paint on fresh paint” by scrupulously respecting production principles which include the practice of painting blind, opening the work to spontaneity and chance.

This set of works entitled “Terra Incognita” is a new departure for Broadworth who in the last decade has devoted himself to the pictorial gesture. Broadworth’s grids or networks began to function like a spider’s web catching branches, foliage, pictorial knots.

The work in “Terra Incognita” is a departure for Broadworth, who for the past decade has been focused on the gesture. Broadworth’s grids began to function as an urban spider’s web catching sticks, leaves, with clusters of pictorial nodes.

These paintings bring to the viewer richer and more fluid metaphors of our turbulent, globalized, information-saturated world.

Jordan Broadworth’s works can be found in numerous public collections and corporate collections such as The Art Gallery of Novia Scotia, McKee Nelson LLP New York, and the Bank of Montreal.


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