Galerie Richard

Noël DOLLA, Michelle GRABNER, Russell MALTZ, Raul MORAU + Marcos CHAVES, Gustavo PRADO, Sreshta PREMNATH, Jeanne SILVERTHORNE, Adam SIMON, Robert YASUDA - Position Matters, curated by Saul OSTROW

Press release

Galerie Richard and MINUS SPACE are delighted to present their first joint group exhibition entitled Position Matterscurated by renowned critic, curator, and educator Saul Ostrow. Bridging the Lower East Side and Dumbo gallery neighborhoods, the concurrent exhibition will feature new and historical works by thirteen New York and international artists spanning three generations.

Bringing together artists working with a diverse array of material and conceptual concerns, Position Matterspresents works where siting and location play a critical role in the viewer’s experience and comprehension of the work. Curator Saul Ostrow states, “The artists in Position Matters abandon the frame, traditional formats, the pedestal, and placing things at eye level. They align their works with the body and address the viewer somatically and cognitively. By doing so the work becomes more a presence, an intervention, an event.”

Artists on view at Galerie Richard include Noël Dalla, Michelle Grabner, Russell Maltz, Raul Mourão + Marcos Chavez/RM+MC, Richard Nonas, Gustavo Prado, Sreshta Rit Premnath, Jeanne Silverthorne, Adam Simon, and Robert Yasuda. Artists presented at MINUS SPACE include Don Dudley, Ivelisse Jiménez, Russell Maltz, Richard Nonas, and Robert Yasuda. For further information about the concurrent exhibition, participating artists, or available art works, please contact either gallery.

Saul Ostrow is a critic and the founder of Critical Practices Inc., an organization that fosters research, teaching, and practices dedicated to social discourse and change. A renowned thinker and writer, he has four decades of experience in the contemporary art world as critic, curator, and educator. He previously was Chair of Visual Arts and Technology at The Cleveland Institute of Art and Director of the Center for Visual Art and Culture at The University of Connecticut. He is Art Editor at Large at Bomb Magazine and was the Editor of the Routledge book series Critical Voices in Art, Theory and Culture.


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