Galerie Richard

BAE Bien-U, Attila Richard LUKACS - Back to the 90's

Press release

Galerie Jean-Luc et Takako Richard is pleased to present the exhibition Back to the 90’s with works of Bae Bien-U and attila Richard Lukacs.

The gallery, with its ancient name of Galerie OZ, had organized an exhibition of Attila Richard Lukacs from september to november 1998 followed by a solo show of Bae Bien-U from november 1998 to january 1999.

The works available in those two exhibitions are presented today.

Jean-Luc and Takako Richard have met Attila a first time in Berlin and a seconde time in New York. The tall paintings date from1991 and the smaller sizes are from 1997. The tall paintings of 1991 in particular are from the flamboyant period of this great painter, during this period his work had been honored internationally for the first time with his participation at the Dokumenta. We find all the greatness of the art of master and his bravery dealing subjects that we prefer not to see, playing with the viewer’s preconceived imagination who perceives more than what is strictly showed by the artist. Galerie OZ was the first gallery in the West  that showed the Bae Bien-U’s photographies discovered during a trip to Seoul by the galerists. His landscapes in black and white of the forests of Kyungju represented pines twisted by the wind suggest universal dreamlike images. This photographic subject has made him known nationally and internationally and he came back regularly to this subject in his career.


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