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Ron GORCHOV - Recent Paintings

Press release

Galerie Richard Paris presents the latest series of paintings entitled Recent Paintings by Ron Gorchov from October 13th until November 17th 2012. It is his first solo exhibition at the gallery following his joint exhibition with Alain Kirili,Célébration de la main, in 2009. These new works use a new range of pastel tones, an extreme fluidity of painting, as well as dynamism and dancing asymmetry of the central, abstract shapes.

Born in 1930, Ron Gorchov is the last of the American Abstract Expressionists. Additionally, Gorchov was the first artist in the United States to bring a physical three-dimensionality to his paintings in 1966 by inventing a technique that utilized painting upon a curved frame.

Born in Chicago, it is from the age of 14 that Gorchov began his artistic formation by attending Saturday courses at the Art Institute of Chicago. Belonging to the Abstract Expressionism generation, according to him, modernism rhymes with progress. “Part of the difficulty in painting is the glut of images. I have come to fear images”, he expressed in an interview with acclaimed art critic, Robert Storr. Ron Gorchov is not only interested in painting as a medium, but also as an expressive representation.

Gorchov is the first artist to have distorted the frame in order to impose both a convex and concave shape. The frame itself becomes an integral part of his signature. He draws directly on the canvas motifs of biomorphic shapes and reveals his brushstrokes when he finds them interesting. The artist paints with both hands. The painting can give the impression that it was executed quickly. But this is not the case; instead the artist works in a state of meditation. If he were not satisfied by the results, he would scrape the paint away and start anew. “My painting is mostly made from reverie and luck.” – Ron Gorchov

Gorchov lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. He was represented in the ‘80s by the Barbara Gladstone Gallery and he was awarded “New Talent USA: Painting” in the magazine Art in America by Dorothy Miller, then curator at MoMA. He has been displayed in numerous prestigious places in the world of contemporary art: the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Queens Museum of art, and the New Museum of Contemporary Art. After having been shown in collective exhibitions in 1976 and in 1979, the PS1 MoMA decided to dedicate a solo exhibition to him in 2006, entitled Ron Gorchov: Double Trouble. In 2010, he answered in a creative way to a commission for the new UN building in New York by inaugurating one monumental sculptural painting. A large number of collectors and museums own his work, such as MoMA, the Metropolitan of Art, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Whitney Museum of American Art. The artist and director Julian Schnabel and his son Vito Schnabel actively support Gorchov and participate in the diffusion of his art.


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