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Rainer GROSS - Double Takes

Press release

Rainer GROSS                        Double Takes                           May 6 – June 17, 2023


Galerie Richard presents the fourth solo exhibition in Paris by painter Rainer Gross.

Rainer Gross creates vivid abstract paintings in which composition, hue and surface texture are mirrored across side-by-side canvases. The left and right images share nearly identical flowing patches of acidic color or rich earth tones with heavy flakes of cracked impasto, yet there are differences in both the intensity and positioning of elements. These inexact duplications result from the artist’s self-devised painting technique. Starting with two canvases of equal size, Gross coats the first canvas with multiple layers of water-based pigment. After applying a thick layer of oil paint to the second canvas, he presses both together face to face and allows them to dry overnight. Gross pulls the dried surfaces apart to reveal similar imprints on each but with unpredictable areas of paint adhesion. He rotates one of the canvases 180 degrees to create a diptych of closely interrelated images, each of which is simultaneously an original and a reflection of the other.

Gross, who is interested in the Fluxus movement and its use of chance, embraces random occurrences in the creation of his Twins series. In addition to the intrinsically unknowable outcome of his contact painting technique, Gross assigns titles for his diptychs by arbitrarily selecting names from the phone book. The paired paintings become a conceptual endeavor as the artist relinquishes full control of his process. In an interview with James Kalm in The Brooklyn Rail, Gross states, “I don’t see them as abstract. They’re real to me. There’s some kind of birthing process that goes into them. I liked the distancing, the organic randomness of nature.”

Rainer Gross was born in Cologne in 1951. He was based in New York City since 1973 before moving to the North Fork of Long Island. He exhibited with the Krief Gallery at FIAC Paris in 1983 and at the gallery in 1985. In 1984-5 he had a solo exhibition at the Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts in Lausanne and the Krannert Art Museum; he exhibited at the Kunsthalle Emden (Germany) in 1998 and at the Krannert Art Museum/ Kinkead Pavilion (Champaign, IL). In 2012 the Ludwig Museum (Koblenz, Germany) organized an exhibition of his paintings over four decades. In 2017, he participated in the Beijing Biennale as the representative of Germany.

Gross‘ paintings are housed in public and private collections, including the AT&T Corporate Art Collection, the Cohen Family Collection, the Hirschhorn Collection (Washington, DC), the UBS Union Bank of Switzerland, Museum Pfalzgalerie (Kaiserslautern, Germany), Stadtmuseum (Cologne, Germany) the Lowe Art Museum, among others. His work has been reviewed by the New York Times, Art in America, ArtNews, Arts Magazine, The Brooklyn Rail, The Boston Globe, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Frankfurter Allgemeine and Kunstforum in Germany and many others.


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