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Jean-Luc and Takako Richard are delighted to present the first solo exhibition in France of Belgian painter Marc Renard. Entitled Recto-verso, it runs from October 28 to December 9. Marc Renard’s abstract paintings are distinguished by their vivid colors, often primary colors on a white background, by the dynamism of their forms, and by the juxtaposition of layers of paint on tracing paper. Marc Renard brings the pleasure of painting into the digital age.

“Marc Renard’s paintings can be seen as the unveiling of the painter’s gestures in the digital age. Linear, nervous movements are mechanically scratched onto opalescent surfaces, concealed and then uncovered by adhesive strips, composing the painting with a detestable tempo of formidable efficiency. Each movement comes with its own negative and is even contaminated by it” (Jérôme Bouterin, painter).

His paintings are rhythmic, with colors precisely cut and arranged on white spaces. In some paintings, the dynamic colored forms seem to be just the means to bring out the visual language of the background that becomes the subject.

Some, moreover, feature variations on horizontal bands of color, reminiscent of musical scores.

It’s also a painting that in many cases has a subtle three-dimensional dimension. He can cut his canvas to reveal the wall, add painted or unpainted layers that can cover other painted parts.

This is painting that speaks to the body, encouraging us to move sideways and forwards. This is painting in motion, baroque painting. Yet it’s a far cry from the theatrical gesturality of lyrical abstraction. It’s a painting that’s controlled, cut, precise and accurate. Marc Renard strikes a balance between gestural spontaneity and rigorous composition.

Born in 1963 in Brussels, Marc Renard lives and works in Brussels. Since 2015 his works have been regularly shown at Galerie Marc Minjauw in Brussels. In 2020 his paintings were exhibited at the Mark Rothko Art Center in Daugvaplis, Latvia.
His paintings are in the collections of Musée L in Louvain, Musée d’Ixelles, Fondation Veranneman, Ministère de la Communauté Française, AXA Group, University of Antwerp, Province of Brabant…

Galerie Richard will present Marc Renard’s work for the first time at Art Paris 2024.


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