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Rémy HYSBERGUE, Julie OPPERMANN, Marc RENARD, David RYAN - Abstractions Plurielles

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Jean-Luc and Takako Richard are pleased to present a group exhibition entitled “Abstractions Plurielles”, bringing together for the first time paintings by Rémy Hysbergue, Julie Oppermann, Marc Renard and David Ryan. The exhibition is conceived as an art fair show, with the advantage of the gallery’s larger, quieter space.

French artist Rémy Hysbergue has been exhibiting regularly at the gallery since 2011. Renowned for his paintings on velvet and other materials, he masters and plays with several painting techniques, combining them with great creativity. He is as much a master of the visual representation of depth in painting as he is of light.

Julie Oppermann, an American living in Berlin, has made a name for herself with her exhibitions of moiré-effect paintings in Los Angeles. She presents an abstract optical painter with more complex and varied visual effects, while emphasizing a procedure that is voluntarily accepted with its associated imperfections, which she magnifies rather than suppresses.

Marc Renard, a Belgian national, is a discoverer of spaces in painting, an innovative adventurer with a dazzling palette. His paintings are unmistakably unique and recognizable. He also paints in an abstract style on puzzling supports, offering the viewer unprecedented experiences in the perception of color and space.

David Ryan has been presented by the gallery since 2006. He began his career as a painter in Los Angeles before moving to Las Vegas. One of art historian and critic Dave Hickey’s favorite artists, David Ryan distinctively creates three-dimensional murals composed of several monochromatic panels intertwined like a three-dimensional puzzle.

Born in Valenciennes in 1967, Rémy Hysbergue lives and works in Paris. He recently exhibited in Seoul.
His work is in the collection of the Fonds National d’Art Contemporain, Paris.

Born in San Francisco in 1982, Julie Oppermann lives and works in Berlin. Her work is in the collections of the San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art and the Houston Museum of Art.

Born in Brussels in 1963, Marc Renard lives and works in Brussels. His works are in the collections of Musée L in Louvain-la-Neuve and Musée d’Ixelles in Brussels.

Born in Houston, Texas in 1971, David Ryan lives in Las Vegas. His works are in the collections of the Las Vegas Museum, Palm Springs Art Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego.


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