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Ron GORCHOV, Alain KIRILI, Judy PFAFF, Alexander ROSS, Frank STELLA - NY Masters

Press release

Galerie Jean-Luc & Takako Richard is proud to present an exhibition of artists living in New York entitled “Masters of NYC” from April 30th to May 30th 2009. This is not the first nor will it be the last exhibition by New York artists in Paris, but it is the first to reflect the new era following the bankruptcy of the Lehman Brothers. It groups together Ron Gorchov, Alain Kirili, Judy Pfaff, Alexander Ross, Frank Stella. There too will also be a pre and post art market following the Lehman Brother’s bankruptcy. The art market, just like the other economic markets, has experienced an abnormally long period of growth with speculative bubbles of an immense scale over certain artists whose auction prices have hit the headlines. Before the bubble burst a Parisian gallery owner would have exhibited extremely young New York artists-barely out of college such that the market suffered from a dearth of new faces, or the latest ‘hot’ stars for whose work everyone would fall over themselves to pay exorbitant prices. The artists presented here do not fall into either category. The average age being 63 years old, with the youngest, Alexander Ross, born in 1960 and the eldest, Ron Gorchov, born in 1930. The price of their work is wholly reasonable and has not ‘benefitted’ from over-inflated pricing. It is already possible to trace their work back through a historical perspective to recognise that they have all opened new pathways within art, created new languages and inspired younger generations of artists. They are the masters, towards whom collectors and museum directors turn nowadays. In December the media featured Ron Gorchov’s solo exhibition at the Nicholas Robinson Gallery in Chelsea. Exhibited for the first time in France, this artist has worked with curved canvas since 1967. A pioneer of “shaped canvas” he is at the origin of the search for new visual spaces for painting. In December again, collectors, artists and museum directors flocked to events organized by Alain Kirili at his loft in Tribeca. In New York, the public instantly understood the process involved in gaining knowledge of a new creative substance through an exchange with another artist whether it is with Monet, Rodin, Lachaise, Soutine, sculptors from Dogon villages in Mali  or current famous Jazz musicians. At the same time Americans recognize the enormous challenge facing Kirili when he tries to incorporate minimal art (associated with a puritanical culture) with sexuality and the sensuality of the body into his sculptures. How much more time will it take until a major Parisian art museum finally accords this tremendous French sculptor, equally well respected in New York, a retrospective?
At Ameringer Yohe Fine Art Judy Pfaff exhibits her new works on paper from January 15th till February 21st. Locked into thick boxes they are works on paper indeed but also much more. It is the kind of work you need to experiment because no photography can really represent it. By their strong presence they have more do do with sculpture and painting. They reflect Judy Pfaff’s extraordinary capacity to develop her creations into wide spaces. Van De Weghe Fine Art in Chelsea displayed a fantastic collection of 60’s Frank Stella work. Within a single decade, we can admire this artist’s exceptional ability to reinvent himself. Instead of his Minimal first period, the gallery emphatizes his achievement in his more recent baroque developments.  Alexander Ross recently joined the Marianne Boesky Gallery where, last year, he exhibited his paintings and drawings developing his digital and organic personal universe. He projects Painting into the XXI century. Many other artists could have been included in this exhibition, most notably Shirley Kaneda. Therefore she will be the next artist to be exhibited as well as Paul Henry Ramirez.


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