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Thomas ZITZWITZ - Les étoiles quand l’aube peu à peu les efface

Press release

Jean-Luc and Takako Richard present the second solo exhibition of Thomas Zitzwitz in Paris from March 11 to April 28, 2023 entitled The stars when dawn gradually erases them , title from a quote from a book by Pascal Quignard «Apronenia Avitia boxwood tablets». Considered by painters as the Master of the airbrush the new paintings of Thomas Zitzwitz testify to his mastery of the art of the fold in painting, baroque art of illusion. Thomas Zitzwitz chose a workshop-style hanging in which the different series blend into a unified whole.

Made with a spray gun, (a technical tool that is normally used in industry) it achieves three-dimensional effects of curtain folds of an accentuated geometry. He counterbalances this order
on some paintings with flows, deposits of liquid paint of a great diversity of colors which overlap and find their additional space.

The exhibition presents his series of watercolours in which the colors spread on the paper by transparencies and superimpositions with great freedom.

His new paintings stem from this experience from the series of watercolours. It continues to surprise by multiplying the effects of depth and space. The rhythm created by these vertical lines of folds suggests an analogy with the music, the fold suggesting the background tempo on which are grafted in improvisation volutes and colored tasks.

Thomas Zitzwitz invites us to the spectacle of a joyous feast where order and disorder dance harmoniously through the use of bright and vibrant colors, clean lines and complex geometric shapes.

Born in 1964 in Sendelfingen, Thomas Zitzwitz lives in Cologne. The Museum gegenstandsfreir Kunst in Otterndorf presents a large solo exhibition by Thomas Zitzwitz entitled «Totally Tragically Tender», from 5 March to 16 June 2023.
He exhibits regularly in Paris, Berlin, Cologne, Luxembourg, Bonn, Delft, Dusseldorf, La Jolla (CA USA).
His works are in the collections AXA Kunstsammlung, Galerie des Stadt Sindelfingen, KfW Bank Bonn, Kunstsammlung LVM, Kolumba Museum Cologne, Museum Würth, Norddeutsche Landesbank, Sammlung Kienbaum, Schauwerk Sindelfingen, Volksfürsorge AMB Generali Hamburg…


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