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On Sunday September 10th The Fourth Universalist Society in the City of New York unveils its third annual art installations with works by renowned artists Robert Rauschenberg and Carl Fudge, until June 2024.

After an exhibition by Thomas ZITZWITZ, Museum Gegenstandsfreier Kunst in Otterndorf continues with Gilles TEBOUL’s solo show “BorderLight” from June 25 to October 1, 2023.

Curated by Ulrike Schick.

A referential essay by Jean-Claude Le Gouic on Rainer GROSS’s paintings published by la

Jean-Luc and Takako Richard are very pleased to announce that they represent Monique van Genderen, based in Los Angeles and La Jolla.
Van Genderen’s work traverses material and conceptual experimentations in abstraction.
Her works are in the following collections: Le Consortium Dijon, France, Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, the Albertina Museum, Vienna, Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego and the GSA arts in Architecture program for the new Federal Courthouse in Harrisburg, PA. She is notably represented by Vielmetter Los Angeles Gallery and Miles Mc Enery Gallery in New-York. She will be exhibiting for the second time in France with Galerie Richard, after her 2005 show at Consortium in Dijon.

Photographer credit: Lile Kvantaliani.

On June Issue 2023 in WhiteHot Magazine, art critic and curator Lara Pan wrote a review about the exhibition in Pompidou Center titled “Who you Staring At? : Visual Culture of the No Wave Scene in the 1970s and 1980s, with a specific focus on Joseph Nechvatal’s works.

Centre Pompidou Photo by Hélène Mauri.

Jean-Luc and Takako Richard are very pleased to announce that they represent Marc RENARD, born in Brussels in 1963.
His abstract canvases are noticeable for their harmonies of often very vivid colors. One then distinguishes several rhythms moving in space and finally one discovers their three-dimensionality by his superimpositions of pictorial layers.
Marc RENARD had a solo exhibition in 2020 at the Mark Rothko Art Center in Daugavpils, Latvia.
The Marc Minjauw Gallery represents the artist in Brussels since 2015.

The Centre Pompidou Metz presents works by Dionisio GONZÁLEZ on the exhibition “Les Portes du Possible, art & science-fiction” from November 5 to April 10, 2023.

We inform you that Joseph Nechvatal exhibits at the Centre Pompidou during the exhibition Who You Staring At?: Visual culture of the no wave stage in the 1970s and 1980s February 1 – May 1, 2023.

Space of Collections film, video, sound and digital works
Centre Pompidou Museum, level 4

Joseph Nechvatal’s contemporary art and theory practice engages in the fragile wedding of image production and image resistance. His Open Humanities Press book Immersion Into Noise (2011) has been re-published in a second edition in 2022. His book of essays Towards an Immersive Intelligence (2009) was published by Edgewise Press. He has also published three books with Punctum Press: Minóy (ed.) (2014), Destroyer of Naivetés (2015) and Styling Sagaciousness (2022). His audio works, Selected Sound Works (2021) and The Viral Tempest (2022), have been published by Pentiments.
Webpage :

Camille Debrabant, exhibition curator and art critic, presents in the November 2022 issue of Art Press page 70 a review of the exhibition in Valenciennes entitled Si t’es sage, t’auras un image at l’H du siège. Camille Debrabant summarizes the specified qualities of the new paintings by Rémy Hysbergue.

If you’re good, you’ll have an image
Carte blanche to Romain MATHIEU
September 10 to November 19, 2022

On the occasion of the exhibition, publication under the title _Aperçu, of a 120-page work, with 73 illustrations, an edition numbered 300 copies.
The book shows the various series that make up his work by Philippe Hurteau and anchoring recent research on older pieces.

DIFY Diaspora, in memory of Dave Hickey is a tribute to one of the art world’s more high regarded and widely read art critics; who passed late 2021.
Dave Hickey has supported David RYAN since he was his university student. He wanted him to one day create a painting in the classic format, which he did in his tribute.

The Micro Mondes show at Musée du quai Branly opened last night in Paris with the work of Joseph NECHVATAL the Viral Venture a-life virus-modeled animation ~ it will be there from June 8th to September 11th at quai Branly.

StrokeRollFoldSheetSlabGlitch is the first survey of works by Los Angeles-based artist Linda BESEMER. This exhibition emphasizes BESEMER’s ongoing commitment to exploring alterity through conscious “othering” of abstraction […]. Featuring twenty-three works produced between 1993–2021, the exhibition showcases key moments in BESEMER’s career, taking visitors on a journey through the evolution of their practice, starting with early traditional gestural abstraction, exploring their “detachables” works, and culminating with their most recent glitch series.

At Galerie Richard Jeff ELROD had a solo exhibition in 2011; Dan HAYS has been represented by GR since 2022 and will have a first solo exhibition in March 2022; Philippe HURTEAU has been represented by GR since 2022 and will have a solo exhibition at GR in November 2022;
Rémy HYSBERGUE has been represented by GR since 2021 and is now exhibiting;
Joseph NECHVATAL has been represented by GR since 2008.

This exhibition marks the death of the ideology of the end of painting conveyed in France by the institutional milieu since the late 80s and which has obliterated all support and promotion of contemporary painters.

Jean-Luc and Takako Richard are very pleased to announce that they represent Dan HAYS, born in 1966 in London.
He gained international recognition with his pixelated landscape paintings presented in 2002 on the “Post-Digital Painting” exhibition at the Cranbrook Art Museum and in the book Vitamin P dedicated to today’s painting.
His works are in the collections of the Tate Gallery, Saatchi Collection, Walker Art Gallery, HSBC, Victoria & Albert Museum.

From 07.04.2021 – 06.03.2022 the Borusan Contemporary Art Center, exhibits “Les Abîmes”, 2006 by Hervé HEUZÉ. “Hervé HEUZÉ places at the center of his work a monument made of mesh, which stretches deep in the sea, rising towards the surface like woven pyramids of fishnets, with threads that get tangled as it approaches the light. HEUZÉ unites two abimes, namely those that expand from the surface to the bottom of the sea and from the horizon to the uppermost level of the atmosphere.” Text written by Borusan Contemporary

Collect, the first art magazine in Belgium reviews Christophe AVELLA-BAGUR’s solo exhibition titled The Mourners” in Palais in Arlon, Belgium (1 illustration).

Jean-Luc and Takako Richard are very pleased to announce that they represent Thomas ZITZWITZ born in 1964 in Sindelfingen, Germany. He got an international recognition for his Abstract Spray Paintings. He regularly exhibits in major european capitals as well as in the United States. His works are in the collections AXA, Kolumba Museum Cologne, Museum Wurth…

The National Museum Berlin presents The Gods threw the Dogs a Bone, a group show curated by John Hodany gathering Lucio Auri, George Barber, Birte Bosse, Maria Bajt, Kuno Ebert, Sven-Ole FRAHM, John Hodany and Jennifer Jordan, starting Sunday, May 30, 2021.

The Palais of the City of Arlon, Belgium, will present a solo exhibition of Christophe AVELLA-BAGUR titled “Les Pleureuses” from June 4 to July 16, 2021.

Paintings by Rémy HYSBERGUE and Joseph NECHVATAL will be presented on the exhibition entitled “Programmed Obsolescence” under the direction of Camille Debrabant at the Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain des Sables d’Olonne from October 16, 2021. The exhibition will continue at the Musée de l’Hospice Saint-Roch in Issoudun from February 11 to May 8, 2022.

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Alain KIRILI on May 19, 2021 in New York, at the age of 74. Born in 1946 Alain KIRILI is known for his sculptures in wrought iron, but also in plaster. Classified as Post-Minimalist, he freed himself from it and highlighted sensuality, spontaneity and improvisation with more complex aesthetics. Together with Ariane, he contributed a lot to sharing his passion for free jazz by organizing regular concerts in his loft in Tribeca. Ron GORCHOV and Alain KIRILI offered a beautiful exhibition at Galerie Richard, Paris, from October 19 to December 30, 2009 entitled “Celebration of the hand: the art of Ron Gorchov and Alain Kirili”.

Jean-Luc and Takako Richard are very happy to announce that they represent Rémy HYSBERGUE. Born in 1967 in Valenciennes, Rémy HYSBERGUE is one of the most important abstract painter of his generation in France. He exhibited in Galerie Jean Brolly and Nancy Hoffman Gallery. His works are in the collections of Fonds National d’Art Contemporain, the collections of several FRAC, the Oohara Museum in Japan.

The annual Glass House Summer Party and benefit Auction provides critical funding towards the preservation of their site. Linda BESEMER and the gallery will present Twisty Glitch Black, 2016, first Glitch painting. The auction will be live Friday, May 28, Saturday, June 12 @ 4pm EST.

The Museum Pfalzgalerie in Kaiserlautern, Germany, just purchased a large painting by Rainer GROSS “Munteanu Twins” from 1998, 244 x 244 cm. Dr. Buhlmann, the museum Director and Rainer GROSS pictured here with the painting at his Cologne studio last year.

Viral symphOny is a collaborative electronic noise music symphony created by the post-conceptual artist Joseph NECHVATAL. It was created between the years 2006 and 2008 using custom artificial life C++software based on the viral phenomenon model. Tonight Harvestworks will broadcast Audio Track #1 (28 min) bracketed by excerpts from interviews with the artist in 2009 by Anthony Masterson and in 2013 by Joan Westenberg.

In this challenging time for artists, art galleries, not-for-profit associations supporting artists, artist Joseph NECHVATAL and Galerie Richard are donating one hundred viral symphOny CD’s created by Joseph NECHVATAL (with Matthew Underwood, Andrew Deutsch, and Stephane Sikora) to Harvestworks Digital Medias Art Center in New York City. Founded as not-for-profit-organization by artists in 1977, Harvestworks has helped a generation of artists create new works using technology. For the first 40 +years, Harvestworks has offered artists on-site production studios, workshops, and classes in emerging technologies.

We sadly announce that Ron GORCHOV died on August 18, 2020 at his home in Red Hook, Brooklyn at the age of 90. Ron GORCHOV was an American abstract painter widely known for his soft shaped canvases paintings. Galerie Richard represented him and exhibited his works in Paris and New York from 2009 to 2013.

The Santa Barbara Museum of Art will present an exhibition titled “In the meanwhile…Recent Acquisitions of Contemporary Art” featuring works never before exhibited at SBMA from March 22 – August 30, 2020. The oil painting on paper “Underground Night Studio”, 2014 by Scott ANDERSON, purchased from Galerie Richard will be presented in Part I (March 22 – July 5) of this two-part exhibition, presenting over 30 works on paper encompassing drawings, prints, and photographs. This exhibition is curated by Julie Joyce, Senior Curator, ArtCenter College of Design (and former SBMA Curator of Contemporary Art).

Jean-Luc and Takako Richard are very pleased to announce that they represent Chris FINLEY in the USA and Europe. Exhibitor in the “Post-Digital Painting” exhibition at the Cranbrook Museum in 2002, Chris FINLEY is part of the generation of painters who faced the digital revolution and has succeeded to relate it in the History of Painting. His work is in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Los Angeles County Museum in Los Angeles, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco, to cite a few.

A catalog of Jeremy THOMAS’ solo exhibition at Richard New York, 8 x11 hard copy cover, 43 pages, 51 color reproductions of works, details and exhibition views, is published by Shutterfly.

Two screen prints by Carl FUDGE, Flatland, 2008 and Flipstick, 2008, are now in the permanent collection of the Metropolitan Museum in New York City.

TK-21 (#101) publishes a review by art critic Siba Kumar Das titled “Electronic Nostalgia, KIM Young-Hun at Galerie Richard” with 11 illustrations.

Linda BESEMER’s paintings are part of the group show titled “Queer Abstraction” at the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art in Overland, KS. “This exhibition features the work of twenty artists who create abstract art to convey the complexities of sexuality and gender identity in the 21st century”.

On December Issue 2019 in Whitehot Magazine, art critic Gae Savannah wrote an excellent review about Carl FUDGE’ s exhibition at Richard New York dedicated to his first screenprints 2000 – 2008. The review title is “Provocative Lattice: Carl Fudge at Galerie Richard (2 illustrations).

On December Issue 2019 in Whitehot Magazine, art critic Siba Kumar Das perfectly contextualizes new works by KIM Young-Hun under the title “Entering Terra Incognita: KIM Young-Hun’s Paintings at Galerie Richard (Paris)” (2 illustrations).

A catalog of Rainer GROSS’ solo exhibition at Richard New York, 8 x11 hard copy cover, 35 pages, 36 color reproductions of works, details and exhibition views, Gallery press release and a text by Michael Schneider in English is published by shutterfly.

The editor of has published a review of Rainer GROSS’ solo exhibition at Galerie Richard New York titled “Galerie Richard now representing Rainer GROSS in New York and Paris” on November 25th 2019.

Eric Simon publishes in a review titled Contemporary Group exhibition: “30 Years” on September 17, 2019, including ten illustrations.

Artist and critic James Kalm posted a video on September 5, 2019 on YouTube, following his visit to the exhibit Contact Paintings by Rainer GROSS at Galerie Richard. Kalm has know Gross for a long time and values the detail of his work.

Dennis HOLLINGSWORTH presents several artworks in the exhibition titled “Littoral” from July 13 to August 24, 2019, at Museu Municipal de Tossa de Mar, Spain.

Arcade Project publishes a conversation between Gustavo PRADO and art critic Chris Bors titled “Altered Perceptions” with 5 illustrations, related to Gustavo PRADO’s exhibition at Richard NY.

Gustavo PRADO in conversation with Saul Ostrow on June 11th, 2019 at Richard NY! Watch on Youtube.

Join us for an exciting and stimulating artist talk between artist Gustavo PRADO and Art Curator Saul Ostrow on Tuesday, June 11, 2019 , 6.30 pm at Richard NYC.

In Wall Street International Magazine, art critic Daniel Gauss reviews Gustavo PRADO’ s first solo exhibition at Richard New York titled “Assembly” in May 19, 2019, including seven illustrations.

Jean-Luc and Takako Richard are very pleased to announce that they represent Gustavo PRADO in the USA and in France. Born in São Paulo in 1981, the artist lives and works in Brooklyn. Although Gustavo PRADO is very engaged in the history of painting, he is mostly devoted to sculpture as he works with the third dimension, with the same ease in small works and large outdoor installations. He employs -off the shelf- materials, which he activates in unconventional ways that enable viewers to recognize their source and the deviation from their intended use. The artist produces locally with materials that he can get in the places he exhibits. Gustavo PRADO investigates cultural and economic assumptions and probe questions of perception, self, and purpose.

SYMA news published as it does every year its personal selection of the best works presented on Art Paris 2019 and chose the paintings of Kiyoshi NAKAGAMI in a solo show on the stand of Galerie Richard. Thanks to cultural journalist Florence Yérémian (2 illustrations).

Wall Street International reviews KIM Young-Hun’s one-man show titled “Electronic Nostalgia” at Richard, New York on April 16, 2019, with four exhibition views.

The Center for Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico, presents a solo exhibition of Jeremy THOMAS titled “Jeremy THOMAS: Unintended Consequences” from February 1 to April 21, 2019.

Odelle Abney made a video about KIM Young-Hun’s opening show published on Youtube. Odelle Abney excels in showing the works through zooms and fade transitions.

Joseph NECHVATAL’s painting “Push” has been recently donated to the collection of the Art Institute of Chicago by the collector, Dr. Glen D. Nelson.

Art critic and artist Riad Miah from Two Coats of Paint published a review titled “Dennis HOLLINGSWORTH: Pushing paint and painting” related to the exhibition “Burgeoning” at Richard New York on February 22nd, 2019, showcasing nine works from the exhibition.

Artforum publishes an obitury on Alex BROWN (1966 – 2019) who has died on January 31st, 2019 following an aneurysm. He was a musician who played guitar in the hardccore punk band Gorilla Biscuits, and more importantly a major painter in the generation which embraced the digital revolution and, understood how it was inspirational to new digital aesthetics in painting. He has been exhibited in New York at Feature Inc. from 1998 until its closing in 2014 and at Galerie Richard in 2018.

Artist and critic James Kalm posted a video on February 1st, 2019 on Youtube of his visit to Dennis Hollingsworth’s show titled Burgeoning at Galerie Richard. James Kalm is an expert of the artist’s work and has a great ability to showcase details while posing discussion.

Wall Street International Art selected Kiyoshi NAKAGAMI’s one-man show at Galerie Richard New York in their exhibitions’ reviews on January 8, 2019, with four exhibition views.

Lauren MARSOLIER was featured in a two-page spread in the November, 2018 issue of Photonews Magazine.

Artist and art critic at Art Spiel Sharilyn Neidhardt, wrote a descriptive review titled, “Color Matters at Galerie Richard” on November 9th, 2018, Including seven illustrations.

Artist and critic James Kalm posted a video on November 2nd on Youtube, of his visit to the Color Matters exhibition at Galerie Richard. His ability to improvise accurate comments at the same time he is showing you details of works is impressive.

Art Critic Audra Lambert wrote a laudative review titled, “The Lure of ‘Color Matters’ at Galerie Richard” on Ante posted on November 1st, including five exhibition views.

Jean-Luc and Takako are very pleased to announce that Galerie Richard in Paris represents Sebastian LUDWIG. Born in 1977 in Groß Strehlitz in Poland, German artist Sebastian LUDWIG lives and works in Düsseldorf, Germany. He takes the time necessary to develop works which have a density of visual testament on our contemporary time for the future generations. His paintings already seem to possess this patina, this effect of progressive disappearance peculiar to very old paintings.

Jean-Luc and Takako are very pleased to announce that Galerie Richard in New York and in Paris represents KIM Young-Hun. Born in South Korea in 1964, the artist lives and works in New York and in Seoul. “I see my paintings as lying in one of the cracks that are located in between the digital world and the analog world…The paintings combine a traditional Korean painting technique called Hyukpil, that uses a leather ink brush with contemporary Western pop-abstract digital language”.

Jean-Luc and Takako are very pleased to announce that Galerie Richard in New York and in Paris represents Dennis HOLLINGSWORTH. Born in Madrid, Spain in 1956, the artist lives and works in New York and in Tossa de Mar, Spain. Dennis HOLLINGSWORTH enlarges the visual third dimension of a painting by directly sculpting the oil paint on the canvas.

Titled “Love and devotion, over and over again by Scott Anderson”, Christina Nafziger wrote a text about painter Scott ANDERSON and interviewed him in Art Maze Mag Autumn 2018. Nine reproductions of his paintings and his portrait in his new studio.

A referential review on Carl FUDGE’s show titled “Carl Fudge Keeps on Building at Galerie Richard” by art critic Jonathan Goodman has been published by artefuse on October 1st, 2018 (5 illustrations)

Jean-Luc and Takako are very pleased to announce that Galerie Richard represents Eduardo PORTILLO. Eduardo PORTILLO was born in El Congo, El Salvador in 1986 and currently lives and works in Houston, TX. His work is about light, space and color. The lateral edges in his paintings and sculptures are as important as the frontal plane, as he wishes to move the flat pictorial plane into three dimensions. Since his beginnings he has been developing a unique aesthetics characterized by dents of resistance dispersed in unexpected ways, as if the material itself had the last word.

Jean-Luc and Takako are very pleased to announce that Galerie Richard represents Koen DELAERE in the U.S.A. Koen DELAERE was born in Bruges, Belgium, in 1970 and currently lives and works in Tilburg, Netherlands. DELAERE’s procedure of painting is to combine a predetermined grid and spontaneous energetic splashes of paint which flow depending on gravity and patterns. The artist wishes his paintings suggest the viewers the layered and dynamic work process that was necessary to come to a finalized painting.

A referential review by art critic Chloe Hyman in Canvas and Crumpets which brilliantly explains what Sven-Ole FRAHM’s newest works are about (3 illustrations).

A concise and dense review in Almanart on Laurence PAPOUIN new paintings-sculptures at Galerie Richard Paris written by the Publisher and contemporary art collector Jacques de Maisonneuve, a tireless talent-spotter.

‘Building And Tree 2’, 2013 by Lauren MARSOLIER – 24×36 inches- Ed 3/7 is entering the collection of the Creative Center for Photography in Arizona. The Center for Creative Photography (CCP), established in 1975 and located on the University of Arizona (Tucson) campus, is a research facility and archival repository containing the full archives of over sixty of the most famous American photographers including those of Edward Weston, Ansel Adams, Harry Callahan and Garry Winogrand, as well as a collection of over 80,000 images representing more than 2,000 photographers.

Art Critic L. Brandon Krall reviewed in Quiet Lunch Joseph NECHVATAL’s solo exhibition at Galerie Richard New York , “Computer Virus 1.0 and the return of Lazarus” on November 22, 2017 (9 illustrations).

Galicia en el Mundo announced the visit of Román Rodriguez, Counsellor of Culture and Education at the exhibition of Antón LAMAZÁRES at Galerie Richard in New York.

On September 23, 2017, presents Antón LAMAZARES – NICOLAI’s first exhibition in the USA at Galerie Richard with one reproduction.

Hyperallergic published a review by Peter Malone about Dionisio GONZÀLEZ’s New York solo show “Thinking Central Park and Dialectical Landscape” at Galerie Richard featuring seven illustrations.

6sqft published a review by Dana Schulz about Dionisio GONZÀLEZ’s New York solo show “Thinking Central Park and Dialectical Landscape” at Galerie Richard featuring eleven illustrations.

Arte Fuse published a review by Kate Menard about Dionisio GONZÀLEZ’s New York solo show “Thinking Central Park and Dialectical Landscape” at Galerie Richard featuring nine illustrations.

Art and Only published an interview with artist Joseph NECHVATAL in which he discusses his life career as well as his inspirations and technological influences. published a review titled “See New York’s Central Park with a difference thanks to an artist’s imagination” by Nicola Irwin about the Dionisio GONZÁLEZ solo show in New York with eight illustrations.

Highsnobiety published a review titled “NYC’s Central Park & Skyline Get a Futuristic Reimagining” by Renz Ofiaza about the Dionisio GONZÁLEZ solo show in New York with eight illustrations.

quepintamosenelmundo? publishes a review titled “Dionisio GONZÁLEZ: “Dialectical Landscape – Thinking Central Park” Galerie Richard” about the artist solo show in New York with one illustration.

Under the excellent title “What if Lady Gaga and J.D.Salinger helped Design Central Park?”, a great review by art critic Jake Offenhartz in with eight reproductions of the exhibited works by Dionisio GONZÁLEZ at Galerie Richard New York published on July 11, 2017. Review reproduced in

Art Historian Pauline Lütgenau added in a review titled “Dionisio GONZÁLEZ fifth solo exhibition at Galerie Richard New York is about New York City through two Series of works: Dialectic Landscape and Thinking Central Park” with a reproduction of Dialectical Landscape 6., the first art newspaper on the Net, publishes a review titled “Galerie Richard presents two series of works by Dionisio GONZÁLEZ” with a reproduction of Dialectical Landscape 7 on July 10, 2017.

Afinelyne presents Dionisio GONZÁLEZ’s exhibition at Galerie Richard in New York on GothamToGo with two reproduced photographs from the Series Rethinking Central Park published on July 10, 2017.

Art Critic Eden Gordon wrote a review on Dionisio GONZÁLEZ’s exhibition in Untapped Cities titled “Thinking Central Park Exhibition Reimagines Park with Fantastical Refuges and Shelters” with images of four works from the Rethinking Central Park Series and images of four works from the Dialectic Landscape Series exhibited at Galerie Richard, New York, published on July 7th, 2017. Review reproduced in News of New York.

Howard Hall, editor-at-large and chief art critic for Time Out New York wrote a very interesting critic and presentation of Dionisio GONZÁLEZ’s new exhibition at Galerie Richard titled “See trippy futuristic plans for Central Park and midtown” with five reproductions of the works. Posted Thursday, July 13, 2017. published on July 5th, 2017 a review titled “Dionisio GONZÁLEZ Dialectical Landscape – Thinking Central Park”, with 3 illustrations.

Christophe AVELLA-BAGUR will have a solo exhibition in the Segal Museum in Aups (Var) from September 2 to 30, 2017. He will present his New Apostles Series.

Jeremy THOMAS’s show “Tanked” gets a review by critic and photographer Eric Simon in Actuart dated April 24th, 2017.

Joseph NECHVATAL’s penelOpe pandemOnium painting from his New York show at Galerie Richard gets review by Taney Roniger in Whitehot Magazine.

David RYAN exhibits recent paintings at the Nevada Museum of Art, Las Vegas, in the exhibition titled” Tilting the Basin: Contemporary Art of Nevada”, from March 17 until May 14, 2017.

Lauren MARSOLIER’s work is part of “Insights : New Approaches to Photography since 2000”, curated by Alexander Montague-Sparey, Artistic Director Photofairs and Allie Haeusslein, Associate Director, Pier 24 Photography. PhotoFairs San Francisco, January 27-29, 2017.

In Aesthetica , Issue 74, a presentation of Lauren MARSOLIER’s works entitled ‘Estranged Landscapes’ with eight high quality reproductions, p28-39.

‘Pine Against Painted Background’ by Lauren MARSOLIER is part of The Billboard Creative Show 2016 in L.A., which is taking place from December 1 2016 thru January 8, 2017. Billboards have been installed to instill some art along the City’s thoroughfares. Pine Against Painted Background can been seen at the intersection of Sunset Ave and Silverlake Blvd.

Writer, editor, curator, artist and lecturer Paul Laster selected “Carne” by Scott ANDERSON at Galerie Richard’s booth on Untitled Miami Beach 2016 in his review in Whitehot Magazine about Nada and Untitled.

Almanart presents Christophe AVELLA-BAGUR’s new paintings at Galerie Richard Paris with a reproduction of Bleuité.

Lohring Knoblauch wrote a comprehensive review on Lauren MARSOLIER’s exhibition at Galerie Richard New York in Collector Daily including nine exhibition views.

Michael Anthony Farley selects Lauren MARSOLIER’s solo show Dislocation as This Week’s Must-See Events in artfcity (1 illustration).

Artillery is presenting the most recent work from Lauren MARSOLIER “Dislocation” reviewed by Cheng DeWitt (1 illustration).

Jonathan Curiel wrote a review on the new Lauren MARSOLIER’s Series “Dislocation” presented in San Francisco on (1 illustration).

Kim Beil wrote a review on Lauren MARSOLIER’s new Dislocation Series on (1 illustration).

Le Musée Privé.com selected Joseph NECHVATAL’s exhibition titled Destroyer of Vanités: Computer Virus 1.0 (2 illustrations).

Calm Chaos is a new book by artist Christophe AVELLA-BAGUR, 54 pages including 25 new oil paintings from 2014 to 2016 dealing with two new sets of works : “Face FS New Apostles” and “Face FS Golgoth’Art”. You can order them directly to

Photographs from the Favelas Series and the Halong Bay Series by Dionisio GONZÀLEZ will be on view in the exhibition titled “Artists and Architecture : Projection / Convergence / Intersection” at Moss Arts Center, Blacksburg, VA, from January 19 to April 8, 2017. The Curator at Large Margo Crutchfield will gather works by James Casebere, Dionisio GONZÀLEZ, Candida Héfer, Matthew Kolodziej, Jean-François Rauzier and Jennifer Williams.

David Olivant in ART LTD, Sep/Oct, 2016 wrote an brilliant essay about Scott ANDERSON ‘s solo exhibition titled “Supper Club” at Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art at Overland Park, Kansas (1 illustration).

A great display of recent works by Christophe AVELLA-BAGUR in the book titled “Peinture Contemporaine”, written by Athena’s Rz, published by Editions Le Comble.

Christophe AVELLA-BAGUR participates in a group show entitled The Strength of Painting – Around French Culture at Caves de l’Hôtel de Ville and Galerie du Comble in Virton, Belgium, from September 24 to October 2, 2016. Curator: Athena’s Rz.

The Nerman Museum (NMoCA) in Overland Park, KS, will present Supper Club, Scott ANDERSON’s solo exhibition from June 23, to September 25, 2016. An opening reception will take place from 6 to 8 pm., in the museum Atrium.

Lauren MARSOLIER’s interview by Béatrice Chassepot in all about (4 illustrations).

Joseph NECHVATAL is showing his 1% Owns 50% of The World (2014) animation continuously in the lobby of Anthology Film Archives during open hours at 32 2nd Avenue, NY, NY, from May 16 to May 22, 2016. Galerie Richard at 121 Orchard is showing the painting 1% Owns 50% of The World (2014), 36″ x 36″ x 2 (diptych) in the gallery on request.

Lauren MARSOLIER will have a solo exhibition at Centrum Kultur Zamek in Poznań, Poland, in September 2017.

Jean-Luc and Takako are very pleased to announce that Galerie Richard represents Jeremy THOMAS in New York and France. Jeremy THOMAS is born in Mount Vernon, Ohio, in 1973 and he lives and works in New Mexico. As he explains: “to me, working in material, it’s a back-and-forth between the artists says this, the material says that”. By injecting air into malleable steel that’s heated 2000 degrees, he creates and develops a complete new vocabulary of spontaneous organic sensual shapes that he also playfully mix with other three dimensional abstract languages.

Peter ROGIERS has a solo exhibition titled “Cluster” at the Middelheim Museum in Antwerp opening on Saturday, May 21th until September 18th, 2016. The Belgian artist will be displaying new work and key work from the last 20 years combined with pieces he carefully selected from the museum’s collection. A new publication accompanies the exhibition.

A Lauren MARSOLIER’s interview by Béatrice Chassepot in be-Art magazine (six illustrations).

Jean-Luc and Takako Richard are very pleased to announce that Galerie Richard represents Scott ANDERSON again in Europe. The gallery exhibited his works in Europe for the first time in 2004. Scott Anderson is born in Urbana, Illinois in 1973 and lives and works in La Cienega in New Mexico. His figurative paintings are challenging our visual understanding and they oblige us to recognize how much this ignorance and uncertainty is the conscious contemporary way to perceive our present world.

Dionisio GONZÁLEZ participates in the exhibition titled “MoCP at 40” at the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago, IL, with Nova Heliopolis III which was purchased by the museum in 2008. The exhibition runs from January 25th to April 10th, 2016.

Our exhibition “I’ll Meet You There” of William BRADLEY is featured by art critic Meg Busacca on Fashion Times as 1st of “5 Must-See NYC Art Exhibitions”.

Collectors Susan and Michael Hort selected William BRADLEY as one of their favorites artists during Armory Week 2016.

In Huffpost Arts & Culture, a comprehensive review by D. Dominick Lombardi, art writer and curator, on the gallery move in Lower East Side, the gallery program, and comments on the artworks from the seven artists part of the exhibition “Painting into Three Dimensions” in the New York gallery.

Artsper has listed LI Wei as one out of 10 most important Chinese Contemporary artists to absolutely follow in the New Year.

“Playground 3” by Lauren MARSOLIER is on view at The Center for Creative Photography in Tucson (AZ) as part of “The Lives of Pictures: 40 years of collecting” – October 10, 2015 to May 14, 2016 (in the New Acquisitions section).

Kiyoshi NAKAGAMI ‘s paintings are part of the show entitled “Dawn of Gods” – Encounter of Venus, and Spiritual Landscape, East and West at the Oita Prefectural Art Museum from October 31, 2015 thru January 24, 2016.

Norio IMAI and Takesada MATSUTANI exhibit together in a group show dedicated to Gutai art at the Karuizawa New Art Museum on view until January 31st, 2016.

Taney Roniger wrote a review on Joseph NECHVATAL’s exhibition at Galerie Richard in New York titled “Infected Paintings as an Allegory of Migration” in Hyperallergic published on December 7, 2015 with 4 illustrations.

Jean-Claude Le Gouic reviews Norio IMAI’s exhibition in Galerie Richard Paris on

Lauren MARSOLIER wins the first prize International Photography Award in the Fine Art Book category 2015 for ther book Transition.

Joseph NECHVATAL performed a recorded poetry lecture of his first poetry book titled Destroyer of Naivet’s published at Punctum Books, with voice by Black Sifichi and music by Rhys Chatham, on Saturday November 21st, 2015 at Galerie Richard, New York.

Galerie Richard reopens in New York at 121 Orchard Street in the Lower East Side on October 9, 2015 with a LI Wei’ s first solo show at the gallery entitled “Beyond Gravity” which runs up to November 14, 2015.

The third edition of the book Digital Art written by Christiane Paul published by Paperback is out featuring works by Joseph NECHVATAL (2 illustrations of the artist’s paintings).

Sven-Ole FRAHM participates in a group show titled 7 Berliner Konstler in Maglehem a place on earth. The exhibition takes place in Maglegarda, Sweden from June 18 to June 28, 2015.

Jean-Luc and Takako Richard are very pleased to announce that Galerie Richard now represents Chinese artist LI Wei in the United States. He performs in his own digital photographs, challenging gravity and viewers’ uneasiness related to vertigo and fall.

Centre Pompidou presents a “New presentation of modern collections 1905 – 1965” displaying its recent acquisitions, which includes a painting by Takesada MATSUTANI titled Work A65-1, 1965 from May 27, 2015 to May 22, 2017.

Galerie Richard was recently featured in Culture Map Dallas, selected as one of four galleries to visit at Dallas Art Fair, with one illustration of an artwork by David RYAN on display in the fair.

Barbara Borek reviews Joseph NECHVATAL solo show “bOdy pandemOnium : Immersion into Noise” at Art Laboratory Berlin in art in berlin.

Christophe AVELLA-BAGUR will participate in the exhibition “The Selfie Show: An Art Exhibition of Self-Portraits” at the Museum of New Art, Detroit, MI, from May 8th to June 6th, 2015.

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art has acquired Lauren MARSOLIER’s two works “Buildings and Pines” and “Black Square” for their collection. Congratulations Lauren!

After his last exhibition in Berlin, The Nelimarkka Foundation in Helsinki has purchased two paintings by William BRADLEY for their collection.

Noroi IMAI is presenting his work in the show A Turning Point in Postwar Japanese Art – 1974 at the Museum of Modern Art in Japan until November 3. Additionally, ARTCOURT Gallery has recently published his book Noroi Imai, Gutai and Later Work.

Art critic Daniel Gauss selected Kyoshi NAKAGAMI’s exhibition at Galerie Richard as one of his favorite gallery shows of 2014.

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond, Virginia has purchased Shirley KANEDA’s painting “Disloyal Devotion” for their permanent collection.

Dionisio GONZÁLEZ ‘s works in the book and cover of Imagine Architecture, a new book related to Architecture and Art published by Gestalten (240 pages).

Dionisio GONZÁLEZ participates to a panel talk along with Elias Redstone (author, Shooting Space), Pedro Gadhano (Curator of Contemporary Architecture, MoMA), Marion Weiss (architect, Weiss/Manfredi), Sze Tsung Leong (photographer), presenting the book Shooting Space published by Phaidon Press which contains Dionisio GONZÁLEZ’s works. NeueHouse, 110 East 25th Street, New York, NY on October 27, 7 – 8 pm.

Aline Smithson presents in Lenscratch the series of photographs “Transition” by Lauren MARSOLIER in accordance with the launch of her new book published by Kerber Verlag (16 illustrations).

Lauren MARSOLIER will participate in a panel discussion at the Tate Modern in London along with four other photographers (Thomas Struth, Mishka Henner, Penelope Umbrico, and Massimo Vitali) on November 19, 2014 to talk about landscape in contemporary photography.

Joseph NECHVATAL was interviewed by Katia Haus Moore at FAQ mag (1 illustration).

Lauren MARSOLIER’s photographs Buildings and Pines (2010) and Playground 3 (2011) have been acquired by the Phoenix Museum of Art, Phoenix, AZ for their permanent collection.

An excerpt of an interview between David Ryan and Shirley KANEDA from Ryan’s book Talking Painting is featured on Julia Morisoe’s blog 13 Ways of Looking at Painting.

Sven-Ole FRAHM is part of the group show entitled Für immer Frühling at Stiftung Bartels Fondation / Zum Kleinen Markgräflerhof in Basel from June 13 until June 29, 2014.

All AVELLA-BAGUR’s actuality in an article by Vastia Voynovskaya published on Hifructose, April 28, 2014.

ARTSY‘s review of John M ARMLEDER’s recent paintings entitled :The Puddles, Lakes, and Maelstroms of John M ARMLEDER which is part of the exhibition also featuring Jean CARZOU at Galerie Richard New York.

Under the title “The Painterly and the Linear: Shirley KANEDA and Robert Mangold”, the art critic David Carrier compares in artcritical these two abstract painters exhibited in May in their respective galleries at Galerie Richard and Pace (4 illustrations).

Taney Roniger reviews Norio IMAI’s solo show at Galerie Richard in The Brooklyn Rail, April 2nd, 2014 (1 illustration).

A Christophe AVELLA-BAGUR’s rare interview by Nicoletta Lolli entitled Will and obstinacy – Christophe Avella-Bagur in The PasseNger Times ∅ photography & artwith five reproduced works and two videos.

Christophe AVELLA-BAGUR has a solo show titled Face FS Farglivert at Château des Templiers in Gréoux-les-Bains, from April 4th to April 27th 2014.

Art Critic Edward M. Gomez writes a meaningful review in on March 15, 2014 entitled Norio IMAI and Tsuyoshi Maekawa’s New York debuts: Outside Japan, the enduring Lure of Gutai. (3 gallery exhibition views).

Galerie Richard is pleased to present Norio IMAI in his New York solo debut exhibition Perspective in White from February 13th through March 29th. The artist joined the Gutai Art Association in 1965 and was the youngest of the avant-garde collective of postwar era Japan. Imai gained early recognition for his white monochrome works that featured a sculptural quality.

Lauren MARSOLIER included by W.M. Hunt in his public talk “The Ten Most Exciting Photographers I Learned About This Year” held at the Phoenix Art Museum, AZ, on February 5, 2014. Hunt has 35 years expertise as a photography collector, curator and art consultant in New York City.

Dionisio GONZÁLEZ and YANG Yi will exhibit together for the first time in an exhibition titled Beyond Earth Art, curated by Andrea Inselmann at the Johnson Museum of Art at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY from January 25th through June 8th, 2014.

The Museum Haus Kasuya in Yokosuka presents a solo show of new paintings by Kiyoshi NAKAGAMI from January 8th through March 16th, 2014.

We are very pleased to announce that Galerie Richard now represents Lauren MARSOLIER. Born in Paris in 1972, she now lives in Los Angeles. Using the medium of photography, she intentionally builds soundless and motionless landscapes. She recently received the 2013 Houston Center for Photography Fellow Award.

The Takesada MATSUTANI painting “Work – A 65 – 1” from 1965 has been entered the collection of the National Museum of Modern Art – Pompidou Center, Paris.

The Museum of New Art (MONA) in Detroit, MI, will present Documenta USA this September 28th, 2013, boasting the participation of over 1000 artists in the largest art exhibition in the world with NYC’s renowned art critic Jerry Saltz to talk us through it all. An artist book by Christophe AVELLA-BAGUR including works on paper and sculptures will be displayed and will be part of the permanent collection of the museum.

Christophe AVELLA-BAGUR’s works will be presented at Celebrating N.A.M.E. 40 on September 21, 2013 at Bridegeport Art Center in Chicago, IL, from 6pm to 9pm.

Sven-Ole FRAHM’s “A Hole in the Wall is Nothing to Worry About , Part I” at Galerie Richard New York reviewed by Taney Roniger in The Brooklyn Rail dated September 4, 2013 (1 illustration).

“Halong Series”, the exhibition of photographer Dionisio GONZ�LEZ on view at Galerie Richard New York, presented by Wall Street International MagazineWednesday, 28 August 2013, includes seven photographs.

Jean-Luc and Takako Richard are very pleased to announce that Galerie Richard now represents UK artist William BRADLEY in France and the United States. His work is often described as “abstract art about abstract art”. Viewing the idea of the pure abstract language as problematised by its lack of communication from artist to viewer, BRADLEY builds a more communal language of references or quotes from mostly American Abstract Expressionism including Motherwell, Still, Gottlieb, De Kooning, without giving the possibility for the viewer to mix his work with any artist specifically.

Takesada MATSUTANI’s retrospective “Gutai Spirit Forever” at Galerie Richard New York reviewed by Taney Roniger in Whitehot Magazine.

Several paintings by Christophe AVELLA-BAGUR on view in the group show entitled “Head” curated by Robert Curcio at Bosi Contemporary in New York from July 10 – August 11, 2013.

David RYAN exhibition “Object > Path> Outline Stroke” reviewed by David Pagel in the Critic’s Choice column of the LA Times, March 13, 2013.

David RYAN’s painting TVC15, 2007 was selected by critic, art historian and professor Dave Hickey as one of his ten favorite works of the past forty years in an article in Believer, an American art magazine.


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