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Nina Chanel Abney, Michael Van Den Besselaar, Ashley Bickerton, James Busby, Sydney Chastain-Chapman, Devon Costello, Justin Craun, Benjamin Edwards, Jeff Elrod, Manuel Esnoz, Wendell Gladstone, Ridley Howard, Chris Johans Johanson, Karen Kilimnik, JP Munro, Stan Narten, Erik Parker, Charlie Roberts, Matthew Ronay, Justin Samson, Tom Sanford, Christian Schumann, John F. Simon Jr., Aya Uekawa, Meyer Vaisman, Xavier Veilhan, Kelli Williams - The Incomplete - Paris - Artists from the Neumann Family Collection

Press release

From October 16th to December 30th at the GALERIE JEAN-LUC+TAKAKO RICHARD « THE INCOMPLETE – PARIS » will present a selection of American contemporary art from the last two decades made by one of New York’s greatest art collector: Hubert Neumann.

A “collective” exhibition

The 28 emerging or established artists who preseet 45 recent artworks are all supported and collected by Hubert Neumann, collector and now curator too.

The gallerists Jean-Luc and Takako Richard, in collaboration with twelve international galleries and some of the artists themselves, have made up the exhibition in France. “THE INCOMPLETE -PARIS” gives the opportunity to see the latest works of some of the best – and still relatively unrecognized in France – contemporary artists well exhibited in New York City. Ultimately it heightens the role of the collector in the contemporary art world.

It began with a meeting

It all began in March 2010 at the Pulse Art Fair in New York when Hubert Neumann (one of the 200 most influent art collectors according to Artnews magazine’s rating) met the gallerists Jean-Luc and Takako Richard specialists in American Contemporary Art. As it happens, they all share the same passion for some artists such as Benjamin Edwards, Ashley Bickerton or Jeff Elrod. Hubert Neumann invited them to visit his family art collection the next day. Jean-Luc Richard recalls an unforgettable aesthetic experience “seeing such a big art collection and so many masterpieces from the 20th and 21st century that have been gathered over two generations in his townhouse …” He then puts forward that Hubert Neumann should select among the artists from his art collection those whose work it would be the most interesting to show in Paris. THE INCOMPLETE – PARIS exhibition was born out of this meeting. It shows the unique vision of a collector on New York latest art trends.

A certain idea of how to collect

Jean-Luc Richard and Hubert Neumann share a passion for contemporary art that is not based on rates or trends. Hubert Neumann’s collection is first and foremost the trace of meetings made over the years as well as journeys in France and the United States. His father was also a great contemporary art lover but at that time, when Morton Neumann came to Paris in order to follow the work of young unknown artists, those were named Picasso, Dubuffet, Miro, Giacometti, Gris, Braque or Léger… Nowadays, with unaltered passion and freethinking, Hubert Neumann keeps on completing the family collection.

An “INCOMPLETE” and “NON-MODERNIST” exhibition

Why “THE INCOMPLETE”? “A collection is an unending quest and therefore never completed. It goes on through generations“. On a conceptual point of view, Hubert Neumann explains that “we live in an uncompleted world and that lack of definition or closure is reflected in all aspects of our lives that feed and perpetuate the ever-mutating organism that have become the contemporary art world“.

“THE INCOMPLETE” illustrates a new artistic vision that Hubert Neumann defines as a “non-modernism”. The “non-modernism” is neither a movement nor a clearly definite term, but expresses “a fundamental rupture from modernism of an overwhelmingly diverse character”. The artworks, either at the gallery or in Hubert Neumann’s collection, demonstrate the possible coexistence of divergent, and sometimes incongruous, ideas.

The gallerist point of view

According to Jean-Luc Richard, “the most interesting aspect of this collector lies in its spirit of constant discovery and absolute confidence. This enables him to present on an even level artists whose fame still greatly differs”.

THE INCOMPLETE – PARIS includes works by the following artists: Nina Chanel Abney, Michael Van Den Besselaar, Ashley Bickerton, James Busby, Sydney Chastain-Chapman, Devon Costello, Justin Craun, Benjamin Edwards, Jeff Elrod, Manuel Esnoz, Wendell Gladstone, Ridley Howard, Chris Johans Johanson, Karen Kilimnik, JP Munro, Stan Narten, Erik Parker, Charlie Roberts, Matthew Ronay, Justin Samson, Tom Sanford, Christian Schumann, John F. Simon Jr., Aya Uekawa, Meyer Vaisman, Xavier Veilhan, Kelli Williams.


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